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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email.

Absolutely. Our partners allow us to secure hardware that can function in both cold and hot weather and in rain or snow. 
The answer to this is yes; however, Express Image Digital does not sell the advertisements for you. We can refer you to media agencies that can help with this.
There is no set answer for this. We create solutions that are specific to the needs and objectives of your company. The pricing of these solutions will depend on the complexity needed to drive results and achieve goals for your company.
Similar to the pricing question. It depends on the complexity of the solution.
The goal for Express Image Digital is to have our clients manage their own CMS. This is because we create solutions specifically for your company’s needs, meaning the CMS should work for you. It should be so easy to manage that the extra step of contacting our company is extraneous.
Yes! The goal of these solutions is to improve customer experience and drive business objectives. Our in-house development team is equipped to design a solution that has all the features and functions your company needs to improve customer experience.
We source our screens from a variety of providers. They are all commercial-grade screens that are meant for 24-hour use.
Yes! We are an end-to-end provider, meaning we handle every step in the wayfinding solution development. We have multiple partners that we work with to provide the right hardware to achieve your business objectives.
Yes! Although we are an end-to-end provider, we can help with any and all steps of the process to develop a wayfinding solution. We have expertise in hardware procurement, software development, and implementation and maintenance of best practices.

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