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Why You Need Wayfinding For Your University Campus

If you’re looking for a way to improve wayfinding on your campus, click here to learn more today.

Touchless Solutions During COVID-19

Touchless solutions are becoming more important during the current pandemic, and it’s important to deploy them. Here, we’ll explain more.

Indoor Wayfinding and Positioning Within Your Facility

Investing in additional technology to make your wayfinding systems more intuitive is a great business choice. Here, we’ll explain why.

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón selects Express-REZ as part of back-to-campus plan and contact tracing

Express-REZ solves a few key challenges in bringing students back to campus including:

Choosing the Right Wayfinding System

Knowing what to choose when it comes to your wayfinding system is difficult, but our experts make it easier. Read more to learn what you need.

What is Digital Mapping and Why Should You Invest in it?

Digital wayfinding is a great solution for many businesses and organizations, and it can be enhanced with new software. Here, we’ll discuss more.

What a Complete & Safe Retail Experience Looks Like

Investing in integrated technology solutions to complement your in-person staff to create a complete and safe retail experience is critical to your success.

How to Capture Your Key Demographics in Your Mall

To capture key data to bring in more of your desired demographics, you need high-end technology solutions. Here, we’ll discuss what you need.

Help Shoppers Find Specific Products & Designers

Investing in customized, advanced wayfinding solutions to help find specific products and designers is a great choice. Here, we’ll discuss why.

Stop Visitors and Patients From Getting Lost in Hospitals

Enhance your patient and guest experience by investing in streamlined wayfinding services. Click here to learn why they’re important.

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