Are you looking for ways to improve customer efficiency, give your employees more time to complete other tasks, and improve the satisfaction and happiness levels of both employees and customers? If so, consider using our services at Express Image Digital. With targeted search technology and state-of-the-art interaction and display technology, your customers can interact more with your retail business, which gives your employees free time to work on other projects. You can run a more efficient and profitable business if your customers are better able to find what they’re looking for, and your employees are putting their skills to other uses to improve your business. So, how do you create a more interactive business that frees up employees while enhancing customer experience?

Install Interactive Wayfinding Systems

Interactive wayfinding systems are a significant investment, but your routine on investment (ROI) will be even greater with the optimization of your business. Not only do wayfinding systems allow your customers to find their way around your retail shopping facility, but they also can be customized to include digital signage and ads. With touchscreen capabilities and step-by-step directions displayed in front of your customers and sent to their phones, they can easily find what they need, and your ROI will convert well. At Express Image Digital, we customize your wayfinding kiosks so your customers can search by store name, product category, designers, keywords, and more. These interactive displays engage your customers and make it easier for them to find and make purchases, which saves your staff from giving them directions every few minutes and gives them more time to complete other tasks. In addition to this option, check out what we can do with web applications! We can bring your concept to life and tailor an application that will best fit your needs. In these ever changing times, we are also focused on providing systems that work with all of the changes that continue to develop with COVID-19. To learn more about how Digital Wayfinding is delivering safety and convenience in response to the pandemic, please refer to this blog. To learn more about wayfinding, contact us today.

Install Exclusive Digital Signage 

With our custom digital signage systems, you can get your customers more involved with your products and services by broadcasting what you sell and deals you have far and wide in your facility. With omni-channel solutions to streamline the experience at your facility across all platforms, you can create a better experience for everyone who crosses your path. With digital signage from Express Image Digital, you can customize your signage to display sales, promotions, and other prevalent information.


With the perfect pixel displays on our kiosks and digital signage, your customers will be drawn in by your unique displays and will readily approach your store knowing what they want, which will free up your employees. Your employees will be able to sell products more easily and restock your store’s materials. Additionally, your employees can spend more time thinking about new marketing strategies and advertisement ideas, so you have future marketing ideas in mind. With a customized system that allows you to continually update your messaging across your digital signage, you can ensure the ads you want to be targeted are displayed to the desired crowd. Adding digital signage to your wayfinding solutions is a great way to get more interaction from your customers.

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If you’re looking for a way to make your customers interact more with your business, contact Express Image Digital today. For years, our team has been helping businesses across various industries streamline their navigation and layout to enhance your operations. To learn more or request a demo, give us a call at 651-237-5677 or message us on our contact page today.