If you’re considering implementing digital signage in your facility, you’ve no doubt done some research on the cost of setup. But don’t let those numbers deter you. When done right, digital signage offers tremendous income potential for any facility, which means the long-term gains you stand to achieve can far outweigh those setup costs.


Curious how you can use digital signage to drive revenue for your organization? The experts at Express Image Digital share a few tips below.


Educate and Inform Your Guests

Digital signage isn’t just about providing a snazzy visual in your facility; it’s designed to offer valuable information that can help your guests have a better experience. When you give your guests the information they’re looking for, they like that. It’s easy to access, simple to understand, and most importantly, it caters to their needs.


Because digital signage essentially learns about guests through their interactions, it’s capable of providing information that’s uniquely tailored to each person’s interests. Guests pick and choose what they want to see, which means they’re never obligated to suffer through information they don’t need or want. With repeated exposure to this type of information, you can even nudge guests toward specific behaviors, such as promotions, upsells, and other revenue-generating opportunities.


Providing this type of information for your guests increases your know-like-trust factor with them, which ultimately increases your chance of a conversion. And the more conversions you achieve, the more revenue you get. 


Turn Guests Into Public Advocates for Your Organization

With interactive digital signage, you can encourage guests to essentially become cheerleaders for your business. As they interact with your signage, you can ask them to perform actions that spread the word about your business, including:


●        Post content about your organization on social media,

●        Leave public reviews on websites,

●        Invite more participation from friend and family

●        Take photos, tag locations, and share them


If guests love what you do and love what you offer them, they’ll be more than happy to advocate for your business. And when other people learn about what a great experience your guests had, they’ll be more likely to patronize your business too.


Monetize Your Displays

Digital signage isn’t just for displaying information about your business (though it certainly can be if you prefer it that way). Rather, interactive signage can also be used to advertise for other businesses. And why would you do that? Because you can sell ad space, which provides additional revenue for your business.


You can price your ad space according to high-traffic times of day. When traffic is slow, ad space is cheaper; when it’s bustling, you can charge a premium for increased visibility. You can also use digital signage to advertise products and services within your own facility to drive additional revenue. Display promotions, upsells, and other targeted information that encourages guests to open their wallets more frequently inside your own location.


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