No matter what kinds of services your business provides or which products it sells, chances are you’re looking to maximize conversions. And keeping guests inside your facility for as long as possible is an excellent way to achieve that. Not sure how to maximize guest time on site? Interactive digital wayfinding kiosks can help you do it.


Below, the experts at Express Image Digital share valuable tips for maximizing guest time on site and increasing your overall conversion factor.


Offer Mobile Integration

With society’s ever-increasing reliance on smartphones, it makes sense to offer guests the ability to interact with your organization via their phones while they’re inside your facility. Interactive digital wayfinding not only makes this possible; it makes it personalized.


The more personalized of a service you provide for your guests, the more likely they are to develop trust in your business. And trust all but guarantees a future conversion at some point.


With digital wayfinding kiosks, mobile integration is simple, yet it provides an extremely valuable service. Guests can use their personal devices to navigate through your facility, which helps reduce wayfinding frustrations that can decrease time on site.


Additionally (and this is a major benefit), offering mobile integration can also encourage off-site conversions. Guests can continue to interact with your business and your content through online promotions or purchases.


Give Personalized Directions and Content

Encouraging a guest to spend more time on site can be as simple as showing that person what they want to see and what you have to offer them. With digital wayfinding kiosks, you have the ability to provide detailed, personalized content and directions, which display the various products and services you offer, as well as how to access them.


When guests use a kiosk to search for their initial destination, you can use software functions to display similar destinations or services that may interest them. This added information can lead to new and valuable discoveries that ultimately help keep guests on site longer.


Implement Blue Dot Directions

Blue dot directions aren’t just for navigating roadways; they can also be used to navigate indoors in large facilities. Furthermore, because blue dot tracks a user’s position within a facility, it can also provide essential information for delivering targeted alerts and offers as the guest approaches various areas of the facility. This functionality provides a more customized experience for guests, which ultimately aids in increasing time on site and improving conversion rates.


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