As demand for qualified healthcare workers continues to far outweigh supply, many large-scale medical facilities across the United States are significantly understaffed. It’s a major issue that not only affects hospital efficiency but also employee and patient satisfaction.


Efficiency and quality of care can suffer tremendously when hospital employees are forced to juggle an excessive number of responsibilities due to understaffing. Ultimately, a poor patient experience translates to declining profits for any healthcare facility.


While improving hospital efficiency is a complicated equation with many moving parts, implementing interactive digital signage can help. Interactive wayfinding and signage displays offer large-scale medical centers a versatile tool that not only functions to boost efficiency but also enhance the patient experience.


Facilitates Staff Communication

The healthcare industry has been ditching paper records in favor of electronic health records for years. Why? Because EHR technology offers providers a more efficient, up-to-date, comprehensive way to manage patient care.


The same idea applies to communication between healthcare employees — why not ditch those whiteboards at the nurse’s station in favor of digital communication? And how about the ones in the emergency and operating rooms, too?


Interactive digital signage streamlines communication among hospital staff by providing an easy-to-update solution for coordinating care. Updates can be distributed throughout the facility in mere minutes and signs can also be used to disseminate important alerts rapidly.


Frees Up Staff

Implementing interactive signage displays and digital wayfinding kiosks throughout a healthcare facility is an excellent solution for reducing strain on human resources. Rather than hiring additional staff, healthcare facilities can use these tools to allow patients to take certain aspects of the healthcare experience into their own hands. With digital tools, patients can:


●        Check in and fill out intake forms

●        Update records

●        Pay and manage bills

●        Schedule appointments and set appointment reminders

●        Get turn-by-turn directions to any destination within the facility


Improves Collaboration and Workflow

Because interactive digital signage allows patients to handle multiple aspects of their hospital experience on their own, it offers a valuable opportunity to streamline administrative workflow. It also reduces the likelihood of information inaccuracies due to illegible handwriting, poor verbal communication, misspellings, and other human errors.


Interactive displays can also provide real-time communication throughout large-scale facilities. As such, they can be used to facilitate collaboration between administrators, physicians, nurses, and other hospital staff.


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