As more and more industries continue to reap the benefits of investing in mobile application development, perhaps no industry is better suited for taking advantage of custom mobile app technologies than healthcare. In fact, hospitals and healthcare clinics have exponentially increased their investments toward mobile application development in recent years, with the global mobile health market projected to rise from $45.7 billion in 2020 to $189 billion in 2025.


The accessibility and accommodations mobile smartphone applications can provide for patients aren’t just advocated for by patients themselves. Surveys have shown that 93% of doctors believe that mobile health (mHealth) apps can improve patients’ health, while 74% of hospitals utilizing mobile application devices report better overall efficiency than healthcare clinics that don’t utilize mobile apps.


But even as this market proceeds to rapidly expand, there is still a subtle confusion as to what exactly are the benefits associated with mHealth apps, specifically designed for hospitals.


To gain a better understanding of how mobile application development can improve patients satisfaction and overall efficiency, take a look at these six reasons your hospital should consider developing its own mobile app.

1) Patient Convenience

With 85% of Americans owning a smartphone, the primary advantage that mHealth apps provide hospitals is to cater to their patients’ preferences when utilizing a healthcare clinic’s services. This alludes to allowing patients to use your hospital mobile application to schedule appointments, check-in, or update medical records and personal information.


With the ease of accessing all these healthcare elements through their mobile device, you can expect to maintain and most likely increase overall patient satisfaction, by providing them with convenient options to utilize your hospital’s services however they please.

2) Enhancing Efficiency

When your hospital is fully adapted to electronic medical applications and platforms, both hospital staff and patients alike benefit from overall convenience and increased efficiency. Doctors can instantly access and share any patients’ medical records with the touch of a tablet or other mobile device. Documents and important information can instantly be edited, saved, and uploaded without a single piece of paper having to be exchanged.


The easier it is for both clinicians and patients alike, the faster and more efficient your hospital will continue to operate.

3) Tracking Performance

Aside from promoting convenience and accessibility, hospital mobile apps can do wonders for tracking the performance of your healthcare facility, as well as highlighting which caregiving elements are strong and which ones need improvement. From reading waiting time averages to monitoring clinician assignments to reviewing patient feedback, hospital mobile apps allow clinics to get a better sense of how their facility is operating, allowing for optimal managerial perspective.

4) Proficient Patient Monitoring

Before the implementation of mHealth apps, monitoring a patient’s condition or progress was essentially only conducted with in-person visits. Now, healthcare mobile applications are able to provide doctors with remote, real-time tracking and assessments of their patients’ care and treatment.


Whether it’s receiving instant notifications on lab or test results or patients recording any developing or diminishing symptoms, monitoring a patient’s health has never been more efficient or convenient for healthcare providers.

5) Navigational Assistance

In addition to installing digital wayfinding signage systems, hospital mobile apps also can provide patients with easy-to-access and interpret navigational assistance, to help them find their way when occupying the premises. With hospital wayfinding apps, patients of all ages can instantly pull up a mapping outline of your healthcare facility, and receive the directions they need without having to ask for personal assistance from any staff members.

6) Establish Better Branding

Perhaps the overarching advantage to investing in a custom healthcare mobile application is the ability to reinforce your hospital’s branding with your patients. When you provide patients with the ability to self-manage their hospital visits, stay in touch with their doctors, and increase the convenience and accessibility of enlisting your healthcare services, these accommodations will reflect positively on your hospital’s image and reputation.


Investing in a mHealth app can be the key to preserving and promoting the integrity of your hospital’s brand.

Mobile Application Solutions Designed for Your Hospital’s Needs

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