As the digital signage industry continues to expand and infiltrate a wider variety of industries, the need for better content and design strategies is becoming more urgent to ensure every message is proficiently communicated to its audience.


While it’s obvious that visual elements, such as graphic design, color schemes, and brightness factors are extremely important in regards to successful digital signage content, another intriguing communicative resource to explore through digital signage is audio.


Even as digital signage technologies evolve, most industries or facilities that utilize these forms of interactive software often question whether implementing audio is necessary or helps improve communicative accuracy. While some digital signage displays tend to incorporate minor background music, others may feature accompanying voice messages that are intended to accentuate the message of any given display.


To get a better understanding of the pros and cons of digital signage audio, let’s breakdown when it’s necessary to incorporate audio into your interactive digital signage software, as well as address what audio elements will work to enhance a viewer’s experience.

Consider Your Environment

The first thing to consider regarding whether or not your digital signage needs audio is the environment you plan to have the visual display inhabit.


For example, a hospital waiting room probably isn’t the best setting to have any sort of audio implemented into a digital signage display, especially when patients need their undivided attention to hear their name called or listen for other important updates.


In addition to quieter areas, you don’t want to install audio features in a digital signage display that’s already surrounded by plenty of noise and exterior sounds, such as in a casino, restaurant, or stadium.


Some locations where digital signage audio would be worth looking into include:


●        Malls

●        Retail stores

●        Campuses

●        Restrooms

●        Transportation areas (train station, subway platform, etc.)

●        Elevators or escalators


These are high-traffic environments that can either benefit from providing instructional or educational audio to a digital signage display, or provide accompanying, calming, and attention-driving background music.

Accompanying or Reinforcing Content

Once you’ve considered whether the environment is well suited for digital signage audio, the next step is assessing whether you want your sound to enhance or emphasize the content of your digital signage, or merely accompany it.


A few examples of either accompanying or reinforcing digital signage audio can include:


●        Soothing background music to score your environment

●        Seasonal music (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) that compliments any season or holiday-related content

●        Instructional messages to help relay or emphasize any essential information, news, or updates

●        Incorporating bilingual audio options to appease viewers and listeners who speak different languages

●        Informative recaps of digital signage content to help inform those who are visually impaired


Remember, you want your audio to compliment your visual display in every way possible, not to outdo or compete with any digital signage content.

Tips When Utilizing Digital Signage Audio

If you’ve decided that your environment and content warrants the need for digital signage audio, there are still a few dynamics to consider regarding the quality, accessibility, and relevance of any accompanying sounds.


Some general rules of thumb to take into account regarding digital signage audio include:


●        Use audio as sparingly and selectively as possible

●        Short and repetitive audio or music loops can potentially irritate viewers or those potentially waiting nearby

●        Only utilize one track for audio; multiple tracks of audio can be vexing and overwhelming

●        Always remember that it’s the visuals that should carry and emphasize whatever message or information your digital signage content is showcasing

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