Remember navigating your way through the mall back in the old days? Figuring out the mapping keys and legends, spending precious time getting lost and accessing different floors, trying to pinpoint the your favorite store when it turned out it was right behind you when you initially set out on your voyage; the mall used to be a total time capsule where going astray was essentially half of the experience.


Fortunately, mall wayfinding technologies today have made visiting the mall a more time-efficient, punctual experience. But wayfinding signage has provided visitors to the mall with more advantages than more accessible navigation directions. From enhancing consumer engagement activity to customizing the customer experience, take a look at a few of the ways mall wayfinding technologies are enhancing the way visitors interact and participate when it comes to shopping at the mall.

Interactive Wayfinding Services

It’s one thing for digital wayfinding signage to simply display more visually accessible navigational information that visitors can utilize to effectively map their way around the mall. It’s a completely different thing to promote customer engagement through interactive wayfinding technologies, that give visitors more control over their shopping experience, while also providing shops and retail outlets with a more interactive path toward appealing toward their customers.


More malls are starting to implement interactive wayfinding features into their digital signage or kiosk stations, which in turn help promote a more engaging and direct communication line toward customers through a variety of participation opportunities, including:


●        Directly social media marketing channels

●        Promoting exclusive discounts or offers

●        Highlight upcoming events of interest

●        QR code scanning opportunities

●        Email or social media sign up

●        Provide in-depth information regarding stores or brands


All of these interactive wayfinding capabilities help promote customer engagement that leads to a more intimate and informed shopping experience.

Mobile Integration

Without even diving into advanced statistics, it can be safe to say that essentially everyone shopping at the mall is in possession of a smartphone. These pocket-sized pieces of technological wonders provide ample opportunities for malls to incorporate mobile integration opportunities into their digital wayfinding or signage stations.


Mobile integration provides customers with the chance to personalize and curate their own shopping experience, while allowing retail stores to directly market their brand toward mall visitors. A simple wayfinding display that encourages passersbies to scan a QR code on their phone can lead to customers downloading exclusive and promotional content on their phones, informing them on potential purchasing opportunities they would have otherwise been unaware of. Unsure of how successful QR codes are for marketing opportunities? Statistics show that by 2022, an estimated 5.3 billion coupons, promotional offers, or downloadable content will be redeemed through QR codes!

Creative Content Management

Part of establishing better brand recognition and engagement is by creating more relevant, informative, and compelling content that will actually intrigue and influence shoppers. Mall wayfinding designs and strategies allow brands to have more control and creativity in regards to the content they choose to promote via digital signage displays. From designing more intricate, 3D animated, or downloadable maps to providing more localized, relevant content (local news, traffic information, sports updates, etc.) that customers are interested in consuming, digital wayfinding allows for more creative and engaging content management.

Improve Visitor Experiences With Custom Mall Wayfinding Solutions

At the end of the day, malls that aren’t utilizing all the marketing benefits of digital wayfinding technologies are simply missing out on expanding brand awareness and improving customer experiences. Express Image can offer your mall with customized mall wayfinding solutions, specifically designed to appease both audience expectations and retail needs alike! Contact us today to learn more about how digital wayfinding can enhance your customers’ shopping experiences, or give us a call at 651-237-5677.