While so much of today’s marketing is focused on drawing attention to your brand outside of your store, office, or working environment, it’s easy to overlook just how important it is to market your business to the people who are actually visiting or shopping inside of your store. In fact, in-store marketing is still extremely influential when it comes to persuading consumers’ minds.


A recent study found that in-store marketing strategies, such as digital signage displays, make 82 percent of shoppers feel more inclined to make an in-store purchase that they wouldn’t have made otherwise. While retail trade sales are slowly on the rise coming out of the pandemic, there’s still a formidable challenge for many retailers across the country to maximize their profitability by any means necessary, which makes in-store marketing strategies all the more imperative.


Year after year, digital signage systems have continued to demonstrate their impact upon enhancing brand identity, with statistics showing that digital signage displays have a nearly 50 percent effectiveness rate when it comes to increasing brand awareness. To fully comprehend their potential to increase sales figures and expand branding efforts, let’s take a closer look at how digital signage has been shown to help improve in-store marketing strategies for retail stores of all varieties.

Keep Consumers Informed and Aware

While various branding strategies such as social media or email marketing are engineered to keep consumers in the loop on all the comings and goings of your business, odds are that many of your in-store shoppers aren’t actively following your social media pages or checking their emails for any updates regarding your business. That’s where digital signage displays come in handy, capturing a shopper’s attention when they’re physically present and most likely to make purchasing decisions.


Digital signage can keep consumers informed and aware about a variety of offers or updates, ranging from:


●        Exclusive deals or promotional offers only available in-store

●        Reward membership or discount enrollment opportunities

●        Product launches, seasonal offers, or other special announcements

●        Last-chance opportunities or any year-end discounts and promotions


The more aware your consumers are about the latest news or opportunities, the more likely they’ll be to take advantage of them and, in turn, boost your sales figures.

Generate Engagement and Brand Loyalty

A common misconception about digital signage is that they’re solely meant to inform and cannot provide engagement opportunities with consumers. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as interactive digital signage displays provide retailers with plenty of options when it comes to promoting consumer engagement and increasing brand loyalty.


Through custom content creation, you can program your digital signage displays to offer users exclusive discounts and deals when they use the display to sign up for enrollment programs through their email address or social media profiles. You can also utilize digital signage stations to compel shoppers to download your company’s mobile app, to stay notified on any promotions or updates they can benefit from. The more engaging content you can provide for your clientele, the more loyalty you’ll build between them and your brand.

Customizable Consumer Experience

In today’s world of retail, the more customizable an experience you can provide for consumers, the more satisfied they’ll be. Interactive digital signage and touch screen displays can cater directly to a shopper’s needs, whether they need immediate assistance regarding price checks, product information, or even product visualization opportunities to help them personally imagine how a product is applicable to their appearance or daily activities.


In addition to enhancing the shopping experience, digital signage displays can benefit both consumer and business by highlighting any potential areas of improvement. Digital signage stations can encourage customers to take surveys regarding their experience through promotional incentives, which in turn provides a business with enlightening analytics that can help managers see just how satisfied customers are.


The bottom line is that digital signage allows consumers to curate their own shopping experience, adhering to all their needs while helping businesses track customer service progress.

Digital Signage Marketing Done Right

Depending on your industry and clientele, digital signage displays can instantly upgrade your company’s in-store marketing opportunities. When you need creative and custom in-store marketing solutions, Express Image Digital has the digital signage design and placement strategies that can help your business cater to all your consumers’ needs.


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