Digital wayfinding technology has continued to rapidly evolve over the years, with everything from 3D-mapping to mobile app synchronization becoming the norm for the average digital wayfinding design. With this technological evolution comes higher standards and expectations from users, specifically in regards to wayfinding content design and development. This is where having access to an innovative and intuitive content management system can help businesses of all industries provide the wayfinding resources and assistance their customers need.


What separates a wayfinding content management system (CMS) from the rest of the pack is design, functionality, performance, accessibility, and maintenance. All of these features not only provide users with the most optimal wayfinding experience possible, but also increase brand awareness with your customer base, as well as promoting more engagement opportunities with them.


So how do you know whether or not your digital wayfinding CMS is operating at peak performance? Here are some of the innovative wayfinding content features you should be experiencing with your current CMS, as well as solutions for enlisting professional content management assistance.

Creative Control and Design

It’s easy to assume that essential digital wayfinding content generally pertains to providing directional assistance to users who need it, but the fact is that there’s so much more potential when it comes to creating quality, resourceful wayfinding content. A superior CMS will be able to provide your digital wayfinding displays or stations with innovative content such as:


●        2D or 3D animated projects, such as maps, statistics, time estimates, etc.

●        Pixel-perfect animation capabilities

●        Custom design features, such as font, color, shapes, etc.

●        Widget based, drag and drop tools, such as menus or task bars

●        Usage analytics to monitor and track KPIs

●        Real-time news, construction, or emergency updates and alerts

●        Digital directory systems with accompanying information or descriptions


All of these aspects of creative wayfinding content will ensure that no matter what questions or concerns your customers have regarding accessibility, they’ll be able to find answers utilizing your digital wayfinding system.

Routine Scheduling and Maintenance

Another feature you should be taking advantage of from your wayfinding CMS provider is routine content scheduling and maintenance check-ups. Creating, managing, and uploading your own automatic content schedule will help ensure your digital wayfinding content remains as relevant to consumers and up to date as possible. Having the luxury of a routine maintenance schedule will also keep your digital wayfinding displays and systems performing at their best, so users can access navigational information and assistance whenever they need to.

Content Integration

Part of what makes the latest digital wayfinding technologies all the more innovative is their ability to connect with users across a variety of devices or platforms. A professional CMS provider can equip your digital wayfinding systems with more efficient content integration capabilities, ranging from connecting with their smartphones for real-time mobile mapping routes to linking up users’ social media profiles or email addresses to stay informed on any news or offers relevant to your business.

Incorporate Your Brand

Perhaps the most overlooked feature a professional CMS provider can offer your business is to incorporate better branding within your digital wayfinding content. From implementing your company’s colors, logo, fonts, and other brand design elements to creating more company-specific content that better introduces the user to your brand, proficient content management services are what can boost brand awareness while providing you more effective digital wayfinding solutions.

Creative Wayfinding Content Management From Express Image Digital

Having access to an innovative, easy-to-use content management system will make creating and managing digital wayfinding content a much easier process. At Express Image Digital, we offer exclusive CMS services for clients looking to provide their customers with a more customizable and impressionable digital wayfinding experience. Contact us today to request a demo of all of our digital wayfinding services, or give us a call at 651.237.5677 to speak directly with a member of our CMS team.