Digital signage software has come a long way since its initial origins. From its inception as holographic advertisements to its current platforms as anything from interactive wayfinding software to 3D mapping resources, digital signage continues to change the way consumers, patients, and passerby alike interact with the world around them.


The popularity in digital signage technology only continues to rise, as the latest research indicates that the digital signage industry is projected to climb to just under $30 billion by 2024. But while digital signage has evolved in ways that many deemed unreachable in years prior, what does the near future hold for the way we utilize new forms of digital signage technology? Here are a few of the digital signage trends you can expect to encounter and engage with in 2022.

1) Cloud-Based Technology

For so long, updating digital signage content or performing any necessary maintenance tasks had to be performed manually, typically through flash drives, USB connection, or memory cards. But one of the most emerging trends in digital signage has been the implementation of cloud-based technology as a means to control and manage both content and maintenance.


This is a major advantage for places that need to incorporate more real-time updates or news into their digital signage displays, such as hospitals for patient check-in and health updates, or restaurants for reservation sign-ups and waiting times. When it comes to providing your consumers, patients, or clients with live updates, cloud-based technologies will continue to dominate the way we can share and update our digital signage displays.

2) Advanced Analytics

In the old days of digital signage displays, it was extremely difficult to gauge how effective your digital signage advertisements or announcements were in relation to your clients and customers. Now, the advancements of customer data and analytics continues to rapidly progress, and looks to become the predominant way to test and measure the success and engagement of your digital signage display in 2022.


Such advanced analytics can include:


●        Detailed consumer demographic break-downs

●        Average display usage times

●        Foot traffic numbers

●        Customer satisfaction levels and feedback

●        In-store conversion rates

●        Display attendance or usage peak-times

●        Email or social media enrollment percentages


The more businesses can track and alter their digital display signage strategies, the more effective their advertising efforts will be.

3) QR Codes

QR Codes have taken over the retail landscape in recent years, but only until now have started to truly become implemented into digital signage displays. Providing users with opportunities to utilize QR codes will only work toward boosting customer engagement levels.


Embedded QR codes encourage users to take action and utilize your company’s services, whether it’s sending them to a link or website, providing them with promotional offers, encouraging email or social media enrollment, etc. QR codes are also perfect for monitoring the content’s ROI and maintenance for your digital signage display.

4) Voice and Facial Recognition Technologies

Creating more inclusive solutions for accessing and utilizing digital signage displays is always a top priority for any digital wayfinding software developers. That’s why 2022 is the year you can expect voice and facial recognition technologies to truly take over the digital signage industry. From allowing for easier access with users living with a disability to boosting security for clients and consumers, the benefits of implementing voice and facial recognition services in digital signage displays are seemingly endless.

Custom Digital Signage Solutions from Express Image Digital

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