It wasn’t too long ago that sign spinners and dancing mascots were relatively normal strategies to entice customers into entering a store. But in today’s innovative world of digital allure, sadly, it takes more than perfecting a pirouette with an oversized signboard to lure in passerby customers.


That’s where integrated digital signage design has transformed customer engagement opportunities, especially in malls, where every retail outlet is fighting for more foot traffic. From showcasing exclusive deals on premier products to implementing custom content management opportunities, more malls are turning to the influential power of digital signage than ever before. Which makes sense, when you consider the fact that digital signage displays capture 400% more views and attention when compared to static signs, posters, or displays.


But is drawing in more shoppers really as simple as installing a new digital signage display in front of your store? Unfortunately, it takes some subtle creativity and ingenuity to understand which software, content, and placement strategies to consider when installing a new digital signage display. If you’re looking to enhance your store’s entryway with gorgeous graphics and invigorating content, here are four digital signage design tips to keep in mind when trying to attract more mall customers.

Build Your Brand

A common flaw with many digital signage displays is choosing to emphasize specific promotions, deals, or other exclusive offers, rather than create a proper introduction of your brand to your target audience. From implementing the right colors and graphics to channel an enticing aesthetic to incorporating custom photography or videos, digital signage can serve as an engaging invitation for mall shoppers to get more acquainted with your brand.


The messages or slogans you choose, the models or products you showcase, the font and typography that accompanies your content; all of these elements of design need to be conceptualized and incorporated into your digital signage strategies, to better build your brand to new audiences.

Create Intrigue

Aside from taking a peek into your store as they walk by, what truly captivates passersby and compels them to spend some of their time at the mall at your store or outlet? You need to capture their attention by appealing to their curiosity, a feat that can be accomplished through customized digital signage design. While showcasing your latest products or services or highlighting any promotional offers is a common sense design strategy for any digital signage display, you can go above and beyond those traditional marketing methods to create more customer intrigue.


For starters, instead of merely telling shoppers they can receive significant discounts on select products, your digital signage screen can present various questions or taglines of interest for those walking by, such as ‘Can you handle our storewide deals and discounts?’ or ‘You’ll never know what offers you’re missing out on if you keep walking…’ Adding a certain sense of mystery and secrecy to your digital signage content is a surefire way to catch more eyes and draw more attention to your store.

Craft a Narrative

The stereotypical shopping experience of most mall visitors essentially goes something like this: They walk around, find a store, peruse the premises, a worker asks if they need assistance, they accept or decline, and ultimately they make the final decision of vacating with or without a souvenir. Sound about right?


Instead of leaving it up to your shoppers to create their own shopping experience, you can utilize strategic digital signage placement and content to create a shopping narrative for your customers. For example, let’s say you’re a clothing outlet. You could place various digital signage displays throughout your store that guide and inform the shopper of where to go next, as well as why this section of the store can suit their needs. Here’s a breakdown of such a digital signage design strategy:


●        Start with the bread and butter of what you’re known for, whether it’s jeans, coats, jackets, shoes, etc. Use your digital signage screens to highlight seasonal or modern trends, and use touch-screen options for shoppers to learn more about each product.

●        As a shopper descends further into the store, place digital signage screens that emphasize accessories or products that complement a style, aesthetic, or look, showcasing various images that allow the shopper to visualize themselves taking advantage of owning such a product.

●        Finally, provide a conclusive digital signage display at the checkout counter, tempting shoppers into adding one more thing or two to their new wardrobe before they get to try it on in the real world.


Crafting a shopping narrative depends on strategic digital signage exhibits that encourage and influence shoppers to try new things and draw their attention to any products or services they may have not noticed initially.

Emphasize Urgency

It’s human nature to ultimately put things off unless there’s some subtle pressure that’s motivating someone to do something. That logic can also be applied to your digital signage designs, especially if your store or outlet commonly features limited edition products or services, or offers exclusive deals that rarely last long.


Creating content that emphasizes urgency for shoppers to take advantage of various promotions or window-closing opportunities can not only encourage passersby to check out your store, but also compel them to make purchases, knowing such occasions won’t last forever. Phrases such as ‘Exclusively through April’ or ‘Only available with in-store purchase’ along with accompanying graphic design work will encourage customers to act now before they miss out on a great deal.

Custom Digital Signage Design By Express Image Digital

The marketing advantages that quality digital signage design can deliver are nearly limitless! But it takes the perfect partner to pair up with your store to deliver you the necessary solutions and services your enterprise needs to cater directly to your customers.


At Express Image Digital, we have vast experience helping mall outlets create customized digital signage designs that are specifically tailored to enhance customer experience and satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how professional digital signage assistance can benefit your business!