Technological advances have revolutionized the ways hospitals can treat their patients in seemingly infinite ways. From introducing innovative digital wayfinding software to spearheading the way for more accommodating mobile application development, healthcare facilities around the world are doing everything in their power to ensure their patients are as satisfied as possible.


One specific technological advancement that’s been making waves in recent years is the rise of interactive kiosk stations, engineered explicitly for patient usage. As hospitals attempt to switch over to more self-service methods to accommodate patient needs, interactive kiosks have allowed hospital visitors to have more control over their patient experience, and healthcare organizations have taken notice of the consumer demand for these accommodative machines.


In fact, the market for patient self-service kiosk stations has grown exponentially in the past year alone, as it’s expected to reach an overall value of $1.6 billion by 2026, a 16.2% increase from now. But what is it specifically that makes hospital kiosks contribute to creating a more inviting, accessible environment for visitors? Let’s break down five ways interactive hospital kiosks are proving to enhance the overall patient experience.

1) Simplify the Patient Process

For most hospital visitors, the general experience of being at a hospital can often be a trying, difficult process. This is why doing whatever you can to reduce the stress and inconvenience of spending time at a hospital is crucial when it comes to improving their overall satisfaction. That’s where interactive kiosk stations come in handy, doing their best to simplify the entire patient process.


From self check-in options, to step-by-step visitor registration guides, to customized scheduling and prescription updates, there are plenty of ways these digital touchscreens can help patients get through their hospital experience as quickly and conveniently as possible. Plus, by implementing patient log-in databases within the kiosk stations, hospital visitors can immediately pull up any essential information from their files to provide to their doctors or nurses on-site.

2) Eliminate Paper Dependency

This benefit of interactive kiosk stations helps both patients and healthcare facilities alike. Nowadays, the more paperless any process can be, the more smoothly it will go. Filling out sign-in sheets can be incredibly time consuming and often confusing for many patients, and the amount of paper that’s wasted with these dated processes can prove to be astronomical. Hospital kiosks are intended to serve as digital information vessels that eliminate the check-in and environmental nuisance commonly associated with healthcare facilities.

3) Intricate Wayfinding Strategies

Ask any patient about what stresses them out the most while visiting a hospital, and more likely than not you’ll get an answer regarding navigation. Getting through a complex, sprawling healthcare facility can prove to be a daunting task, especially patients who are dealing with physical setbacks or living with a disability. Interactive kiosk stations can help combat the difficulty of navigating one’s way throughout a hospital, providing intricate wayfinding solutions designed for fast and efficient map-reading resources.


From digital mapping guides to route-planning directions to mobile application synchronization, interactive kiosk stations can be built specifically for helping patients get to wherever they need to go. This, in turn, will reduce the instances of hospital staff having to stray away from their duties to assist patients in finding their way.

4) Encourage Patient Feedback

Perhaps the most useful benefit hospitals can gain from interactive kiosk stations is the opportunities they provide patients to give feedback on their visitation experience. In just a few short minutes, patients can touch and swipe their way across digital touch screens to participate in surveys, rate their overall patient experience, and provide any opinions of how their healthcare facility can improve their services.


This can prove to be the pathway toward better understanding the needs and concerns of every patient, and in turn allow for necessary managerial adjustments to be made.

5) Reduce Staff Workload

The amount of daily tasks every healthcare worker has to perform are enormous enough, let alone having to account for every patient question, concern, or inquiry. With hospital kiosk stations, patients can enjoy a one-stop-shops for all of the answers and solutions they need, while doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff can stay focused on their own tasks at hand. The more accommodative resources you can provide your patients, the less workload and stress you’ll be putting on your staff.

Interactive Kiosk Solutions from Express Image Digital

Enhancing the patient experience is a top priority for every healthcare facility. At Express Image Digital, we have vast experience in helping hospitals receive the custom interactive kiosk solutions they need to better accommodate their patients and reduce staff workload. From interactive wayfinding systems to digital signage services, contact Express Image Digital today to learn more about how we can help your hospital improve your patients’ experience!