From sharing unique experiences to exploring historic treasures, museums remain an essential educational resource for people of all ages to enjoy. But with all the archival exhibits, accompanying information, and sprawling navigation that’s involved in every museum, figuring out how to efficiently and effectively present details and guidance for visitors can conjure quite the predicament for many museum managers.


One technological medium paving the way for enhancing visitor encounters at museums is digital signage, which allows museums to create a more customized, informative, and engaging guest experience.


While many people mistakenly associate all signage with advertising content, digital signage displays have evolved in design to contribute to the learning and accessibility needs of visitors of all backgrounds and interests.


From more thorough wayfinding design to descriptive touch-screen content, let’s list the ways digital signage improves the museum experience.

Interactive Video Walls

The days of reading small text on hanging panels or stationary podiums are nearing their end.


With digital signage displays, museums can create their own interactive video wall exhibits, creating a visually enticing means to establish a narrative of information regarding whatever it’s trying to showcase.


These video walls can also provide touch-screen options for users to choose which segments of any given exhibit they want to learn more about, creating a more customized and personalized visitor experience.

Custom Content Management

Every museum, regardless of what pieces of history or culture they showcase, has to frequently change, edit, and alter its exhibits and surroundings to complement new displays, artifacts, or presentations.


With such frequent changes of scenery comes the need to update accompanying content to supplement these new exhibits, which is where digital signage displays can certainly come in handy.


Having access to an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) allows museum organizers to quickly change and upload whatever content they need to edit, compared to having to swap out static displays of information.


Custom content management does wonders for simplifying the already complicated everyday tasks museum operators are forced to endure.

Dazzling Descriptions

Any museum can offer paragraphs of descriptive text that informs the reader about any finer details regarding whatever it is they’re observing.


If you’re looking to truly leave your visitors in awe, digital signage design can showcase essential texts in a more elegant, visually-appealing presentation.


Through professional digital signage design, you can provide a more immersive experience for attendees through a variety of visual concepts:


●        Interactive video content

●        Uploading complimentary imagery

●        Digital menu boards for user-friendly navigation

●        Digital pathways for steering visitors in desired directions

●        FAQ search-bars for users to have their questions answered directly

Custom Branding

The branding opportunities that digital signage displays provide are seemingly infinite!


Through well-placed and easily accessible digital signage exhibits, attendees can better connect with your museum with dozens of branded content concepts:


●        Social media dashboards so guests can follow your museum and stay informed on any upcoming events or exhibits.

●        QR codes for visitors to scan and take advantage of various promotions or opportunities, such as exclusive discounts or raffle tickets.

●        Storytelling opportunities that inform the reader on the specific origins of your museum.

●        Digital showcases of your staff and contributors allowing visitors to connect with your museum on a more personal level.

●        Email subscription sign-up stations for guests to keep up with any and all museum updates.

Enhance Your Museum Experience With Express Image Digital

Digital signage displays are interactive vessels visitors can take advantage of to experience something truly special and unique!


At Express Image Digital, we work directly with museums to create digital signage designs and exhibits that adhere directly to your guests’ needs, with services ranging from custom content management to maintenance and design upgrades.


If you’re interested in taking your museum to the next level, contact us today to request a demo of all of our digital signage and wayfinding services!