Social distancing, remote working, virtual conveyance – the post-Covid world we currently inhabit has ushered in a new era of change that has seemingly prioritized safety and convenience, especially in commercial settings.


From retail stores to healthcare facilities, innovative technologies and mediums are helping businesses and consumers alike maintain a sense of normalcy during a period of relative uncertainty.


Perhaps one of the most accommodating technologies that’s emerged in usage has been the rise of digital signage solutions.


In fact, reports indicate that the digital signage industry is set to grow by an estimated $7 billion from 2020 to 2024, indicating that more industries are starting to utilize the trending medium. But what exactly are the specific advantages digital signage can provide to companies and organizations navigating their ways through the ongoing pandemic?


Let’s take a look at a few of the ways interactive digital signage software has cemented its importance in a post-Covid world.

Digital Distancing

Social distancing has been one of the dominant areas of emphasis throughout the pandemic, and digital signage displays have done an incredible part in helping keep crowded areas and environments all the more safe and secure.


Perhaps the biggest example of how digital signage stations encourage social distance is through self-service kiosks, which are designed to serve as customer service or self-checkout stations.


By strategically placing these interactive digital-screened kiosk stations throughout your premises, you can create isolated areas for customers, guests, or patients to receive services ranging from:


●        Self-checkout lanes to keep purchasing aisles separated and distanced

●        FAQ options for customers to answer any questions or concerns without interacting with staff

●        Personalized sign-in services for visitors to check-in, provide information, or schedule future appointments

●        Digital wayfinding services to provide navigational assistance


●        Smartphone synchronization capabilities for more personalized navigation, shopping, and other experiences


These are just a few of the ways digital signage displays encourage social distance in a commercial setting.

Custom Content Management

Updated health and safety protocols, varying hours and availability, fluctuating rules and regulations – keeping people informed on all your latest updates and requirements has proved to be a complicated task for many businesses throughout the pandemic.


This is another advantage digital signage provides, offering companies or organizations custom content management opportunities to ensure their clients or visitors are in the loop on all the latest updates.


With real-time debriefing and editing capabilities, you can provide your clientele with any necessary or essential information in order to maintain a safer environment.

Touchless Communication

Touchless solutions in general have evolved into a near-mandatory area of emphasis in recent years, which is another reason more industries are shifting over to digital signage solutions.


By implementing various technologies that minimize the amount of screen-touching or germ-spreading, digital signage stations provide innovative touchless resources of communication while adhering to modernized health and safety protocols.


From voice-recognition services to scannable QR codes and text information, digital signage displays can offer your customers or guests the opportunity to get the customer service they need, without even having to lift a finger.

Branded Engagement

In this world of social distancing and digital convenience, it may seem like quite the task to keep customers engaged with your brand. Fortunately, digital signage displays offer companies a wide variety of ways to better connect and interact with their clientele, all while encouraging the latest rules and regulations regarding Covid protocols.


Digital signage stations serve as direct vessels to provide a wide range of branded engagement opportunities:


●        Vibrant, attention-grabbing advertising displays

●        Product demonstration and showcase exhibits

●        Social media following or email subscription options

●        Scannable QR codes for exclusive promotions or links to custom information

●        Tracking analytics to determine which digital signage services are most engaging and effective

Digital Signage Solutions From Express Image Digital

With all the everyday changes regarding customer needs, industry trends, and health-related compliances, having a professional provide you with personalized digital signage solutions will help keep your business stay on track while adjusting to a post-Covid world.


At Express Image Digital, we work with businesses from all industries to receive the custom digital signage support necessary to better brand themselves and stay connected with their clientele.


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