Interactive digital signage software impacts various industries in a variety of ways that were unforeseeable mere years ago. From providing innovative wayfinding software solutions to spreading brand awareness, digital signage has continuously evolved from their technological origins of static advertising displays.


But one benefit to digital signage that tends to fly under the radar is how sustainable these digital mediums truly are. Workplace sustainability is a focus that many companies have started to prioritize in recent years.


And when you consider the following statistics, the urgency for creating a more eco-friendly working environment becomes extremely apparent:


●        The average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year

●        70% of that paper used winds up thrown away in the trash

●        Businesses and commercial buildings account for 18% of the primary energy usage in the U.S., adding up to more than all of Canada's energy consumption

●        $190 billion is spent on commercial energy expenditures every year in the U.S.

●        Commercial buildings in the U.S. consume 13.6 quads of electricity which generates 826 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions


The combination of paper usage and electricity consumption can quickly add up in regards to any given company’s carbon footprint. While sustainable digital signage solutions aren’t the sole answer for addressing these issues, implementing them into your business operations can at least contribute to a greener workplace.


If going green is becoming more of a priority in your workplace, check out these four strategies for incorporating more sustainable digital signage designs into your business.

1) LED vs. LCD Screens

Two of the most common types of digital screens utilized in digital signage designs are LED (Light-Emitting Diode) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens.

While both have their pros and cons in terms of display and performance, one is the clear winner when it comes to sustainability: LED screens.


For starters, LED lighting contains no toxic elements, and has been tested to be up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting options. In addition, 95% of the energy in LED displays is converted into light, while only 5% is wasted as heat.


When paired head-to-head, LED screens use less overall electricity than LCD screens, and are also proven to have a significantly longer lifespan.

2) Automated Power-Off

A common mistake many businesses make with their digital signage displays is leaving them running all hours of the day, even when their office or workplace is closed. By installing automated power-off options, you can optimize the hours your digital signage display will operate, so you won’t be wasting energy and electricity every day.


Plus, you can lower your overall energy bills, so you can shave some money off of your overall monthly expenses.

3) Brightness Adjustment Sensors

Running your digital signage display at full brightness not only reduces its overall longevity, but will also contribute to skyrocketing energy consumption. A great digital signage design feature to reduce energy consumption and your electricity bill are brightness adjustment sensors, which automatically modify and regulate the brightness of your digital signage display, without having an impact on its readability.


By making these slight adjustments to your digital signage brightness, you’ll ultimately decrease your overall energy consumption over time.

4) Routine Maintenance & Support

Providing your digital signage displays with routine maintenance check-ups will not only increase its longevity and performance, but also detect any instances of energy inefficiency. Having a digital signage support team at your side will ensure that everything is running smoothly and your digital infrastructure is performing at maximum sustainability.

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