There are seemingly infinite ways the pandemic has taken a toll on the world, but one of the glaring domestic fallouts of the past few years has been the increasingly concerning labor shortage in the U.S. Since January 2020, over 2.2 million Americans have left the labor force, and as of February 2022, there were still 11.3 million job openings in the country.


Businesses from all industries have had to rethink various strategies within their business operations to account for the labor shortage crisis, but one solution in particular has been steadily gaining momentum to offset the lack of workers: digital signage kiosks.


The retail industry in particular has started to utilize interactive kiosk stations to maintain performance and efficiency throughout the spike in labor shortage, as well as the service, healthcare, and hospitality industries. While it’s hard to say how long this labor shortage will last, businesses are taking measures into their own hands and filling the employment void with these innovative technologies meant to improve efficiency and accommodate both customer and managerial needs alike.


Here are a few of the ways digital signage kiosks are helping businesses across the country combat the nationwide labor shortage.

Promoting Self Service

One of the biggest consumer trends to emerge out of the pandemic has been the emphasis on self service. Customers of all industries are more eager than ever to serve themselves when it comes to general elements of customer service.


Digital signage kiosks cater to these independent-minded consumers, allowing them to take control on a number of basic functions, including:


●        Self-check in for hospitals, waiting rooms, airports, hotels, or restaurants

●        Self-checkout for grocery stores or retail businesses

●        Self-scheduling opportunities at healthcare facilities

●        Indoor wayfinding mapping for larger complexes or campuses

●        Product descriptions and inventory for shoppers


The more self-service opportunities you can provide for customers, the less stress you’ll put on employees trying to make up for the lack of staff.

Increasing Customer Engagement

It’s hard to properly engage with each and every customer when working with a minimal staff. This is where digital signage kiosks can also make a difference in the workplace, providing a multitude of customer engagement opportunities that can keep your clientele satisfied, loyal, and informed of all your business operations.


They can offer scannable QR codes to download everything from menus to promotional offers to lists of services and products offered. Interactive kiosk stations are also great for allowing customers to fill out surveys or provide feedback of their customer experience, giving businesses more insight into their overall performance and efficiency.


Keeping customers as engaged as possible will help them overlook any shortcomings your business is enduring due to labor shortage.

Tracking Metrics & Analytics

Having a variety of informative metrics at your disposal can help your business better manage and oversee all aspects of your operations. Digital signage kiosks provide plenty of insightful analytics to track your overall efficiency and performance, ranging from sales volume, to employee turnover ratios, to inventory management, and more.


Keeping tabs on all of these Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) allows businesses to also track everything from email captures, social media follows, and advertising revenue, providing real-time analytics to better manage your budget.

Lighten the Load With Custom Digital Signage Solutions

In the end, implementing the latest digital signage technologies is intended to lighten the load for your already overworked and possibly overwhelmed staff. At Express Image Digital, we help businesses maximize their efficiency and productivity by designing and installing custom digital signage solutions engineered to adhere to their customers’ needs.


Contact us today to learn how custom digital signage services can lend a helping hand to your shortened staff.