From the rise of online shopping to the emphasis of mobile application development, the modern retail experience has drastically changed over the years. Shopping in general has transformed from what used to be more of a communal, choose-your-own-adventure venture, whereas now, consumers are more assertive, informed, and objective when it comes to finding and getting what they want.


Much of this shift in consumer behavior is due to the overall personalization of retail in general, specifically due to smartphone usage and dependency. Scanning QR codes, tracking social media pages, scrolling through online reviews; all of these components of modern B2C marketing have catered to the consumer desire to personalize their shopping experience.


So how do retail outlets adapt? How do they accommodate these demands while maintaining an in-person presence that’s still receptive to modern technologies and consumer habits? One of the answers that has gained prominence has been brought to retail stores courtesy of another type of screen.


Digital signage displays have helped usher in this new era of consumer personalization by offering a multitude of convenient customer service features, while still implementing brand awareness on behalf of the business.


Check out a few of the ways interactive kiosk stations and touchscreen digital signage exhibits are contributing to a more personalized retail experience.

Emphasizing Self-Service

One of the primary ways digital signage contributes to the personalization of retail is by emphasizing self-service opportunities. Self-service kiosks have soared in demand as a result of the pandemic, reducing the amount of face-to-face interaction customers have with retail staff, while creating a generally more independent shopping experience.


From self-service checkout to indoor wayfinding maps to immediate customer assistance, digital signage displays are constantly providing more self-service options for consumers to take advantage of.

Utilizing Smartphone Synchronization

Nothing contributes to retail personalization quite like smartphones. You can all but guarantee that every retail shopper who enters any given store is equipped with their own smartphone, and many of them are looking for opportunities to implement their mobile devices into their shopping experience.


Digital signage displays offer ample options for letting customers synchronize their smartphones in order to enhance the personalization of their retail outing.


You can implement any of the following examples of mobile device interactivity into your digital signage exhibits:


●        Scannable QR codes to unlock various promotions, discounts, or enrollment opportunities

●        Links for following social media pages or subscribing to email newsletters

●        Download your company’s mobile app for more exclusive offers

●        Provide Bluetooth connectivity options for integrating mobile devices into digital signage stations

●        Allow customers to utilize any existing mobile loyalty programs or mobile payment options

Custom Content Management

Digital signage displays and interactive kiosk stations aren’t just means for customers to utilize on their own. They’re ideal mediums for creating a personal connection with your customers, allowing them to gain more insight and awareness of your brand through custom content management.


Promoting brand-related content across your digital signage platforms can help consumers craft their own individual relationships with any given retail outlet through a variety of content strategies.


From intriguing product descriptions to informative videos showcasing the qualities of any given product, digital signage platforms are ideal means for educating shoppers on what exactly they’re shopping for.


Exclusive offers? Upcoming events or expiring deals? Digital signage exhibits can keep your customers in the loop on all the happenings of your retail store, helping them establish more trust and loyalty with your brand.


Some shoppers relish any opportunities to simply take a break from their shopping action. Providing exclusive content that entertains your shoppers via digital signage stations can add that extra touch of personalization to their shopping experience.


How will shoppers enroll in your membership program if they don’t know it exists? How can customers follow your social media pages if there isn’t an apparent opportunity to do so? Digital signage content helps convert the average shopper into a loyal, life-long supporter.

Upgrade Your Digital Signage Displays With Express Image Digital

The future of retail is being shaped almost solely by developing technologies. Interactive digital signage displays are providing a more personalized shopping experience that caters to more independent-minded shoppers. At Express Image Digital, we work directly with retail businesses to implement cutting edge digital signage technologies to enhance the way customers interact with their brand.


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