It’s hard to find an industry that’s radically changed over the past few years than the service industry. From the influx of dining options to the hardships of the pandemic, restaurants have been forced to reevaluate how they can accommodate their customers through these ever changing times. Much of the trending changes that many restaurants have adapted to is the integration of emerging technologies, specifically interactive kiosk stations, to enhance overall convenience and efficiency within their business operations.


As self-service digital signage continues to evolve in features and functions, more restaurants are taking advantage of catering to their independent-minded clientele through these innovative mediums. So why exactly have touchscreen kiosk displays taken over the service industry by storm?


Let’s take a closer look at why more restaurants are starting to utilize interactive kiosk stations to improve the customer experience.

Emphasizing Self Service  

Now more than ever, customers want more control over their retail and dining experiences. That’s where interactive kiosks can come in handy, offering restaurant diners more chances to dictate the course of their evening while allowing dining establishments to better accommodate their customers’ time and schedules.


Studies have shown that over 60% of consumers prefer self-service options over general customer service tasks. From self-reservations to self-ordering to self-checkout, self-service digital signage helps customers dine at their own pace while allowing restaurant staff to focus on all their other duties at hand.

Promoting Safe Sanitation

While more people feel safer about dining in at restaurants than at any other point in the last few years, there is still a sizable portion of customers who have concerns when it comes to sanitation and cleanliness while dining out. In fact, over 25% of people still admit to not feeling entirely comfortable when dining inside at a restaurant.


Interactive kiosk stations do wonders for promoting a safer, well-sanitized dining environment. They drastically reduce the amount of face-to-face interaction customers experience with the staff, and even offer touchless self-service options, such as voice-controlled customer service or scannable QR codes for downloading menus or making payments via smartphones or mobile devices.


Touch-free kiosk displays are just one way you can provide more comfort to your clientele.

Providing Feedback Opportunities

Other than leaving online reviews for the world to see, diners don’t have too many options when it comes to giving restaurants feedback on their most recent dining experience. Interactive digital signage can help bridge the gap between helping customers express their opinions and restaurant managers taking those responses into account.


Kiosk stations can offer various promotional offers for anyone who takes a customer service survey at the end of their meal, or can even provide mobile links that encourage diners to leave reviews on a restaurant’s social media channels.


The more chances you can provide customers to voice their support for your restaurant, the more trust and credibility you can establish within your community.

Building Brand Awareness

Another trend that emerged during the pandemic was the strides that many restaurants took in terms of trying to expand their reach within their communities by creating more brand awareness.


Interactive kiosk stations allow for ample opportunities for restaurants to better connect with their customers, from offering everything from custom branded content to mobile app integration, so diners can stay in touch with their favorite restaurants without even having to be there.


With strategically placed digital signage displays, you can keep your clientele up-to-date on any news, specials, or events your restaurant wants to promote, allowing your business to stay fresh in their minds.

Interactive Digital Signage Strategies From Express Image Digital

Every restaurant stands to gain something from installing customized digital signage displays or interactive kiosk stations within their establishment. From increasing brand awareness to improving customer service, we here at Express Image Digital help businesses better accommodate their clientele through innovative digital signage technologies.


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