The modern office is bursting with hustle and bustle, equipped with vibrant surroundings providing employees with a more collaborative working environment that’s almost as elaborate in space as innovative in design. But with the complexity and intricacies of modern corporate architecture, the need for incorporating resources that improve accessibility and enhance productivity is becoming more imperative.


From healthcare facilities to corporate campuses, big, sprawling offices can be found everywhere, within almost every industry. That’s why many large corporations have started implementing corporate wayfinding systems into their everyday business operations, not just as a resource for superior navigation but as a multi-purpose directory that enhances everything from efficiency to engagement.


As modern office culture continues to evolve, so should the technologies that help maintain a more convenient, engaging workplace. Here are a few of the reasons why offices today are exploring the advantages digital wayfinding has to offer.

Real-Time Solutions

Whether it’s trying to find out which board rooms are booked for the afternoon or which sections of the office are closed for maintenance for the day, an essential component of any corporate wayfinding system is the real-time solutions they provide employees.


Through innovative digital wayfinding technologies, companies can equip their workplace with self-service stations that allow employees to look up open offices, book appointments, or update office availability in real-time, keeping everyone else in the know and on the same page.


Wayfinding resources are necessary for businesses that consistently host clients on-site, ensuring that staff workers know which conference rooms are available for booking, and providing navigational assistance on locating any facility in the office.

Mobile Device Compatibility

One of the latest revelations in digital wayfinding technologies has been the ability to synchronize corporate wayfinding systems with any mobile device. Businesses that invest in their own mobile app development software can equip their employees with interactive directories, right in their own pockets.


Simply accessing the company app can help any employee or client immediately find their way around the office, as well as enlighten themselves to real-time updates on company-related news, events, updates, etc. The more compatible your corporate wayfinding system is set up to be, the more convenient for your employees and clients.

Accessibility For All

Today, there’s more of a general effort to improve accessibility for everyone within the workplace, regardless of the conditions an individual may be living with. Digital wayfinding solutions enhance accessibility for all, providing everything from navigational instructions in braille to accessing multi-language support options. Emergency contact and security communications also ensure a safer, more accommodating work environment.

Reinforced Branding

Aside from all of the navigational and efficiency resources corporate wayfinding systems have, one of the more overlooked benefits of digital wayfinding is the branding opportunities they provide. Utilizing digital signage screens to display corporate colors, logos, values, or motivational content inspires and engages employees, reminding them of their company’s personality and intentions.


Through custom content management and creative visual design, companies reinforce their branding through their digital wayfinding systems, while also improving accessibility and performance.

Corporate Wayfinding Solutions From Express Image Digital

The modern office has evolved in ways unforeseen merely a decade ago, which is why it’s important that your business has the right technologies to reflect these workplace changes. At Express Image Digital, we work directly with companies to incorporate custom corporate wayfinding solutions that specifically adhere to their accessibility and engagement needs.


When you need digital wayfinding services that will better contribute to the employee and customer experience, contact Express Image Digital today to schedule a consultation with our corporate wayfinding experts!