What truly makes someone stop in their tracks and take in a window display, interact with a kiosk station, or touch the screen of a digital signage display? Is it the visual dynamics of such an exhibit? The convenience or accessibility? Or is it a combination of a variety of factors that range in functionality and appearance?


As more industries continue to implement interactive digital signage software into their everyday operations, exploring different ways to maximize performance and effectiveness with such technology benefits both businesses and consumers.


Digital signage displays have come a long way since their origins, which is why simply placing them in front of a retail store or anywhere with high foot traffic doesn’t necessarily warrant immediate success.


To ensure you’re getting the most out of your digital signage investment, here are a few tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your digital signage displays, as well as provide the most positive user experience possible.

Captivating Visuals

Nowadays, nearly everyone you come in contact with has a state-of-the-art touchscreen display resting in the comfort of their pocket. With the bar raised so high in relation to visual and graphic design, you need to be sure that your digital signage display features sleek, modern, captivating visuals that showcase high definition content.


Essentially, you’ll be choosing between LED and LCD screens for your digital signage display. Larger digital signage exhibits tend to utilize LED screens, which use a network of LED lights (or pixels) that work together to display larger-scale videos.


Smaller digital signage displays are commonly equipped with LCD screens (Liquid Crystal Display), which have more flexibility and control over a variety of visual settings, such as brightness, contrast, and anti-glare technology.


Assessing which type of screen will work best for your digital signage display is a top priority to ensure optimal visual and graphic design performance.

Customizable Content Management System

After your visual display, the content you implement into your digital signage stations is essentially the make-or-break factor in regards to maximizing its effectiveness.


For starters, you need to evaluate why the user would want to engage with the content itself, as well as how the content compliments or enhances the user experience. Does the content educate or inform the user in specific ways? Or does it provide an incentive for the consumer, like promotional offers?


Once you specify the purpose of the content, having the right Content Management System (CMS) is crucial for creating engaging, well-branded content for the user. This means installing a system that allows for a simple content upload process so you can keep your content as fresh and up-to-date as possible.

Interactive Display

The more interactive your digital signage display is (specifically with its content), the more time you can expect users to spend operating such technology. Touchscreens that offer everything from digital wayfinding maps to interactive brochures to swipe-through product catalogs allow users to have more control of their digital signage experience.

Additionally, such interactive digital signage displays can provide you with performance analytics and data that highlights which features are being most utilized and which features could use an upgrade.

Maintain Maintenance

Once you have all the visual, content, and design elements put into place, the last step to maximizing effectiveness is making sure all of those departments remain up-to-date.


Having accessible maintenance and support assistance is what can help you stay on track, as far as automating software and content updates go. Failing to provide your digital signage display with proper maintenance will only hinder its potential and performance in the long run.

Maximize Digital Signage Performance With Express Image Digital

Having a team of digital signage experts in your court is arguably the easiest way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your digital signage displays. At Express Image Digital, we work directly with businesses of all industries to provide custom digital signage solutions that will help with everything from increasing brand awareness to offering more accommodating, positive customer support.


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