Flight updates, security screenings, wayfinding solutions; Everywhere you look in an airport, you’re bound to see a digital signage display, offering one opportunity after another to enhance your airport experience. This technology has drastically changed traditional marketing methods over the last couple of decades.

Digital signage technologies advance every year, incorporating new options to create more personalized, independent customer experiences. Perhaps this is most apparent in the world of airport retail, an industry that’s had to quickly adapt to various consumer preferences and fluctuating regulations in recent years. From self-service stations to advanced analytics, digital signage is giving airport retail outlets an arsenal of consumer solutions that better accommodate the standards and expectations of today’s travelers.


In an industry that’s expected to jump from over $30 billion to over $90 billion in 2030, it’s imperative for airport retailers to adjust to the growing demand for more retail opportunities. Many airport retailers are exploring digital signage as a solution.


Here’s how digital signage continues to advance the future of airport retail.

Combating Employment Shortages

In recent years, many industries have seen their fair share of challenges when it comes to combating labor shortages. But in the world of retail (and especially airport retail), dwindling employment growth continues to be an obstacle that’s forcing retailers to rethink their operational approach.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, retail trade is estimated to decline by nearly 587,000 jobs from 2020 to 2030 (the largest projected employment decline of any sector). Facing this lack of employment opportunities, airport retailers are choosing to implement more self-service digital signage kiosks to keep travelers moving along as quickly as possible.


From self-checkout, to inventory management, to product descriptions and more, self-service digital signage allows airport customers to get what they need as quickly as possible without having to overwhelm under-staffed stores that already have to deal with various labor issues.

Capturing Shortened Attention Spans

For many travelers, airport-related purchases are generally based on a matter of convenience – be that a gift shop that’s adjacent to their gate or a department store that’s closest to their security checkpoint.


This is another way digital signage is aiding airport retailers in these times of need, providing eye-catching displays that can inform or engage passersby amidst a sea of nearby competition. From captivating LED screens to product demonstration videos, digital signage displays help draw more attention to airport retailers, which often is all it takes to inspire a purchase.


Exclusive discounts, reward programs, new products; Digital signage is the perfect way to capture the minimal attention spans of on-the-go consumers.

Enlightening Consumer Analytics

Yes, most airport retailers tend to utilize digital signage technology for more promotional or customer service measures. But what’s often overlooked is how informative these displays can be for the retailers themselves.


Through intricate digital signage analytics, retailers can gain more insight into what digital signage practices are proving to be most engaging and effective with their customers.


Session lengths, advertisement views, email enrollment, and social media follows are all examples of consumer-related data that will do wonders for airport retailers. Use it to assess which aspects of your digital signage are contributing to the best customer experiences.

Digital Signage Solutions From Express Image Digital

In an area with as much foot traffic as an airport, innovative digital signage technology is an absolute must for accommodating the needs of your traveling customers. At Express Image Digital, we work with airport retailers to create custom digital signage strategies that spread brand awareness and keep your clients satisfied and engaged with your business.


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