Whether you realize it or not, you use wayfinding solutions every day. Wayfinding refers to information that helps people get from point A to point B in a facility or environment – signs, maps, directories, etc. Without it, people would be forced to wander blindly until they found their destination (which is time consuming and frustrating), or use a map or GPS tool to navigate their way (which is not always possible).


Hypothetical example: Imagine going to large hospital with multiple buildings for the first time. There are no signs or maps, and everyone seems way too busy to help you. Your appointment is in 10 minutes. How do you find the right waiting room?


Simply put, wayfinding plays a critical role in our everyday lives by solving spatial problems and enabling us to get from place to place with less confusion and frustration.


Examples of Wayfinding Solutions

Wayfinding has been a part of our world for as long as people have explored the earth. Ancient people looked to the sun, moon, ocean, stars, and animals for navigational clues, and, over time, eventually moved on to marking distances and creating signage.


Modern wayfinding solutions include signs, maps, directories, kiosks, touch-screen devices, and mobile apps. The easier a wayfinding solution is to understand, the better it works.


Wayfinding Applications

Wayfinding helps people navigate spaces freely. It can be especially beneficial for locations such as:




Besides the obvious goal of helping people find their way around, effective wayfinding solutions can enhance experiences and enrich our understanding of any given space.


One great example of an innovative wayfinding solution is the interactive digital kiosks created for the Mall of America by our team at Express Image Digital. Along with helping guests easily navigate their way throughout the 4.2 million-square-foot mall with advanced mapping options, the digital kiosks allow guests to check out promotions, view restaurant menus, and interact with mall guest services.


The Future of Wayfinding

As technology continues to advance at an incredible rate, so do the benefits and functionality of wayfinding solutions. Designers and developers are constantly looking for new ways to make wayfinding more user-focused and technology-driven. What features or functions would you like to see in a wayfinding solution?


At Express Image Digital, each wayfinding solution we create is custom designed to fit a business’ specific needs. We can incorporate a wide variety of desired functions and features such as text-to-phone capabilities, multi-floor mapping, beacon routing, and advanced animation. Check out some of our projects here, then give us a call when you’re ready to get started!