When you’re given a packaged solution you’re going to want some kind of follow up support. Express Image Digital is an omnichannel service that not only works with you to create and install a customized project but also brings with it a customized support package for continued health and longevity. Software support is a large part of the overall package and an integral part of the user experience.

Health Checkups-

Speaking of health, the number one software support service would be health checks. No one wants to have downtime, especially when it comes to consumer interactions. The tiniest inconvenience can result in a potential customer walking away from your wayfinding system or shopping kiosk resulting in lost revenue. With Express Image Digitals health checks we ensure your system is constantly monitored for any issues that may come up. With automated updates and a 99.999% uptime with multiple backups, EID provides the leading example in system health checks and balances.

Single Source Support-

Have you ever had to go through three different departments just to get an answer about your vacuum cleaner? Neither have I but it’s a real situation someone out there has faced. But what if that vacuum cleaner being down was costing you a boatload of money and creating some very upset customers? I’m sure you’d want to go through just one department instead. That’s where single source support comes into play. Express Image Digital is an all in one source of support for your business and any integrations it may have. If you have an issue with any of the systems we’re your go to guys and gals. Making your life easier, and any interactions with partners a whole lot smoother.

Analytics driven results-

When it comes to updating your brand and interactions you need to know what is outdated in the first place. This is where continued support with analytics comes in. From demographics to heat maps of user movement and time spend. The information provided has limitless possibilities and can have huge impacts with the tiniest shift. Maybe people are turning away from your kiosks at a certain entrance due to it being too close to the door on colder days. Or an ad is ignored more often due to its placement. Express Image Digital can access analytics that provides insights like these and are fully available to alter content and software.


So, does your software support check those boxes? If not maybe Express Image Digital is the way to go for you. It all comes down to the longevity of your investment in software. And if your software isn’t performing at 100% due to security or even outdated content is it really helping?