DOOHA or digital out of home advertising is expanding into almost every role of traditional advertising. Billboards updating in an instant tap of a phone, or food menus you can fully order from, skipping the line of customers. Investments like these have varying degrees of systems and software, but just how tough are the actual screens themselves, can you even see them in daylight? Besides, you can have an amazing array of content but no where to put it if your display goes down.



We’ve all been there. Spinning, waving our hands around trying to block the sun from our precious little phone screens, looking a little crazy. You can barely see anything when the sun is at the right angle and no amount of brightness adjusting will help you. Digital signage is different. Your phone screen is often and LCD or similar material with a glass coating. Digital Signage uses hundreds of small lights called LED’s and we’ve all probably heard of those. Because there are so many of them they operate independently while transmitting light and since they don’t have an enormous pane of glass on top they can’t catch any reflections. Sorry, no quick makeup or nose hair checks on these displays.

These LEDs put out “Nits” of light. A Nit is a measurement of how much light a screen sends to your eyes within a given area. The screens we use are over 1,000 Nits on average with outdoor ones reaching close to 3,000, meaning they provide ample brightness for clear visibility in both indoor and outdoor applications. Since these displays are individual LED’s often times made of plastic as well as covered in a plastic housing you never have to worry about them shattering from impacts or other hazards.



If these displays are running continuously like you would want in most cases. Then just how long can they run for? Your kitchen light always seems to be burning out so these have to be similar, right? To maximize wayfinding and outdoor advertising it’s almost imperative to run them 24/7. Traditional billboards never turn off do they?
Well have no fear. Unless you want the same billboard running continuously for more than 12 years you have nothing to worry about. And if you’re looking at an LCD or interactive display the lifespan is well over 6 years, how’s that for an investment?  If you’re selective with your displays you maybe able to squeeze over 10 years out of one easily.

There is a reason why DOOHA is becoming the norm. Easily editable and scalable content management, long lifespan, durable, and extremely flexible installation. If you’re considering digital signage as part of your campaign Express Image Digital offers keypoint management of installation, software, integration, and even content design across multiple platforms. You need to think bigger than just billboards, from self ordering kiosks to the inside of malls you can reach your customer with targeted consistent messaging from more than just their car.