The huge lines, the complex printed maps in tiny brochures. Conventions can be confusing and hard to navigate limiting potential revenue and efficiency. Even brought to the digital age you’re faced with potential poor phone service or poorly designed content that’s hard to scroll through. A full service solution can help light the way and provide a welcoming guest experience not just for your convention but for the destination as well. By offering multiple integrations with displays and self check in kiosks you have multiple channels to advertise and inform guests of nearby offerings and guide them through the process.


Skip the line-

We’ve all been there. Waiting for our little lanyard, nametag, or even a ticket to get in to the convention. The staff look stressed out and the line never ends. What if you could check in before you even got there. Simply swiping your phone across a kiosk and getting to what you want to see even faster. Using a self check in lets your guests move at their own speed and skip the line, gathering information at their own pace. This not only eases stress but also lets them be hyper focused on what they want out of the convention creating more spending opportunities and communication. Along these lines you can collect even more in depth information, analytics, and even searches along the digital map to see which area is the most popular. So not only are you speeding up the check in, but you’re gathering vital analytics, and saving employee time and resources. No longer will you need a group of staff at the ready. You can instead disperse these staff throughout other activities and increase overall efficiency.


Full Integration-

Take your information further than the kiosk by integrating with applications and mobile wayfinding systems. Guests can preview the layout of the convention and plan their day around what’s offered. And even view products or promotions through the application. Stepping further into mobile integrations with omnichannel solutions like the ones offered by Express Image Digital you can have a pre convention, during the convention, and post convention touchpoint system for marketing and products. QR scans for contact information, media and information delivered straight to participants phones to reduce booth crowding or missed info. Commonly discounts or promotions are offered only during the convention can be applied automatically to consumers online purchases either at booth or on their phone applications. These multichannel communications lead to increased customer loyalty and interaction. You can even take this a step further by integrating with nearby locations and position based services such as dining options or even relevant nearby retail promotions. As a sponsorship option you’re looking at nearby hotels and even entertainment options fed into the kiosks and applications. Not only increasing the awareness of your event but also allowing for increased value and paid sponsorship platforms for advertising. Your check in process just became a whole destination experience for guests.


Conventions can be confusing and foreign places. But fully supported integrations can easily manage, promote, and create an enjoyable travel experience for guests. From making check in faster to helping convert guests to customers just by easing common pain points and showing them what’s available. A more enjoyable experience can provide great analytics and even cement customer relations by providing further touchpoints for customers and advertising. Full scale solutions like this require support on all fronts and Express Image Digital can provide that. From integration to app creation and full scale creative design EID is the full service solution for your next event.