At express image, digital everyone has a role. In these micro-series, we’re going to touch on every team member and how they bring quality and expertise to the express image digital solution!

Today we’re covering Lance our Inside sales guy! Lance is an energetic go-getter who is always up to talking about anything going on. He has a great history of sales experience with some interesting companies, and the most important thing is the guy learns EVERYTHING about these products! He’s a huge sports fan and he brings this energy with him everywhere.


Where are you from Lance?

Minneapolis, Minnesota! Born and raised to love the Vikings.


What do you specialize in at Express Image digital?

I help create brand awareness and reach potential customers with our solutions and software.


What are your prior experiences?

I’ve previously worked with the electrical industry for sales in assigned territories.


What do you like to do?

SPORTS! Anything sports-related as well as fishing, golfing, and outdoor camping. Camping in a pop-up trailer no “glamping” for me!


If you toured our offices you’d see Lance in a soundproofed room (We told you he’s energetic!) in the back of our developer's room calling customers and monitoring our live support chat.