When it comes to a brand update, special announcement, or event coverage, the first thing that needs updating is the displays. You want the biggest displays to be correct and up to date first, and you want all the displays to match as quickly as possible in order to provide seamless messaging across your entire facility. But with static mediums, it can be laborious to not only put the new prints, boards, and displays up, but also near impossible to coordinate the act so that all displays are updated at the same time. Read on to find out how digital signage and full-source integrated solutions can revolutionize this process.


The Instant Gratification of Digital Signage

Most people already interact with digital signage on a regular basis, even if they don’t realize it. From arrival and departure screens at the airport to digital billboards on the highway to touch screen menu kiosks at Taco Bell and McDonalds, digital signage is everywhere. And for good reason! It’s efficient, manageable, and more accessible than traditional mediums and can be updated in an instant.


If you’re looking for a way to make media updates painless, digital signage is a no-brainer. Gone are the days of coordinating display updates with the help of several employees. With today’s technology, large-scale signage projects can be remotely controlled by just one user.


From entranceway greetings to retail store-specific promotions, you can control and update all of your digital signage instantly from one application. No more waiting for downtime or interrupting the shopping experience for your guests! Simply send the content from a management software straight to the display; you can even rotate out content or showcase multiple pieces on one display based on the day or event at hand.


Managing It All

With all of the options digital signage provides, it’s wise to have a library of media ready to roll so you can update content on the fly. This is where not only the installation of displays comes into play, but also content management and design.


Having a content management system is essential due to the multiple display sizes and media forms. You don’t want to risk a poorly formatted image going up on the wrong display, causing essential information to be cut off. Choosing a full-source provider offers several advantages here, including content management software for your specific situation that allows for integrations with any pre-existing systems.


When it comes to design, the sky’s the limit with digital signage. Digital signs can be used to promote schedules and events, display advertisements and social media feeds, or share live news coverage. They can even double as emergency notification systems. Plan all of your content ahead of time so it’s ready to go at a moment’s notice.


Adding digital signage to your facility opens up endless possibilities to interact with your customers and appeal to the modern workforce. If you want to make the process of managing and updating content as efficient as possible, select a provider that can offer a full-source solution that includes creative services and integrated content management.


With Express Image Digital, you’re not only getting the expert installation but also the design chops to fill those screens and the software integration to manage it. Contact us today for a full-scale solution to your signage displays and media!