You’ve got plans, BIG plans, plans to invest a lot of money into a system. You’re going to want to see some kind of return on that system, right? I know I would. So what’s a return look like when it comes to wayfinding. Well, luckily there a few ways to increase ROI with a wayfinding system. Let’s dive into the big ones.



The most direct source of income you can get from a system like this is through advertising on it. Simply playing ads on waiting screens, small push ads on mobile phone integrations or even just displaying relevant promotions for your destination. This is a direct, easy, and relevant way to get some kind of income. You can not only drive advertising with large screens and mobile integration but also tie it into your property. Targeted specific ads and promotions for relevant locations on your property can lead to increased conversions and even more spending. But what about the other avenues fo revenue? The real reasons you went with Digital Wayfinding.


Increased conversions-

Frustration is the number one enemy to creating a conversion with a customer. Getting lost, delayed, or even showing up at the wrong time are all very real reasons for customers to not convert, at some destinations they may be the only reasons. With wayfinding, you’re easing and removing common pain points and relieving the frustration that can be prevalent at your destination. By providing options and accessibility to your guests you’re helping make the experience more enjoyable, and building trust. This trust is also key to creating conversions. Someone might be stressed out by a large mall destination, overwhelmed and surrounded by tons of busy shoppers. But if they’re given a clear route to where they want to go and are provided with a promotion to their relevant store..chances are they’re going to be satisfied and convert more easily. This is going to be the main reason you installed wayfinding and the prime return on investment you will be seeing.



As you can see there are indirect, and direct ways you’re going to see a return with digital wayfinding. But overall your main reason to implement a system is to ease the customer journey and give them a guiding hand along the way. The more your solution evolves the more touchpoints you have from mobile integration with promotions and push notifications to customized ads based on location in your destination. You’re looking at a growing solution for the future.