If you know anything about digital wayfinding, you understand how installing wayfinding kiosks in a facility can enhance guest experience by helping visitors navigate from place to place. But there are many additional advantages for operators that may surprise you. Today we’re going to discuss the advertising opportunities digital wayfinding kiosks provide, as well as how to optimize your ad display using wayfinding data.


Digital Display Advertising

If you commute to work, you likely see billboards almost every day. Some you remember based on the ad, others you remember because of their location or the frequency at which you see them. Whether or not you’re actively paying attention to billboards, studies have shown they are actually quite an effective form of advertising. And as technology has advanced, billboards have not only been transformed by digital technology, they’ve also moved into indoor settings. You may have noticed more screens are popping up in airports, subways, shopping malls, convention centers, government offices, and other public spaces every day.


At Express Image Digital, our job is to design innovative ways to solve problems and share information through custom digital solutions. Along with digital signage and other forms of experiential marketing, we create interactive wayfinding solutions, which help people navigate malls, airports, stadiums, and other large facilities with ease. With their crisp screens, user-friendly content management systems, and open API for integrations, our wayfinding kiosks also conveniently offer an effective way to deliver targeted ads. Digital ads are displayed with pixel-perfect animation, directing guests to the latest promotions and driving sales.


The ability to combine wayfinding and advertising in one solution is truly changing the game for digital display advertising. Because when you have a digital wayfinding solution that can display ads and track every touch that happens on the screen, you gain insights into valuable customer demographics and behaviors that can be leveraged in a wide variety of ways. Our clients are reaping the benefits, and their customers are enjoying the more personalized experiences that today’s consumers have come to expect.


Demographics and Pricing

Outdoor billboards are typically priced around the traffic near the location the billboard is placed. This same strategy can be applied to get the best digital signage performance and ROI. However, without reliable data on the most trafficked routes and destinations in your facility, determining the best place to install digital display ads can be like taking a shot in the dark.

By integrating wayfinding into your space, you’re not only providing a resource for your consumers, you’re also gathering much more detailed information about their needs. Leveraging this information can help you create better experiences for your guests and make informed decisions on ad costs and regularity.


For example: maybe a sneaker store is booming in popularity but is unfortunately located quite far from an entrance. Serve the user an ad or promotion while they are using the wayfinding kiosk, and continue from there. See the routes they traffic, and use this information to adjust ad display pricing, demanding more for heavier traffic. The integration opportunities are endless.


Consistent Messaging

With billboard advertising, you have a captive audience. They’re forced to see them as they sit in traffic or even glimpse them as they drive by. But what if you could serve them that billboard later in the day on their phone, while they’re walking around the mall, or even within an app they’re using?


With an omnichannel wayfinding solution like the type we provide at Express Image Digital, you’re able to target consumers with ads as well as synchronized displays. For example, let’s say a customer notices an ad outside of your system for a new shoe. They go to your retail location for the purchase, and are then served with ads in wayfinding, in app, and in digital displays. After the purchase is made, the information you’ve collected on the customer can be used in email campaigns or further app-served advertisements. The value provided by this consistent messaging across all channels is a major benefit of choosing a full-service solution, and can be a huge addition or draw for retail stores to use your space.


There are many positive reasons to include digital display advertising in your wayfinding package, from analytics used in rental spaces and ad leasing to in-home advertising opportunities through omnichannel application integration. The opportunities are limitless with customers’ interactivity and wayfinding information. If you want to learn more about the benefits of an omni-channel solution, contact Express Image Digital today. From software development to hardware procurement, we provide end-to-end digital solutions that offer a great ROI.