The modern consumer is accustomed to ease—ease of use, ease of mapping, ease of ordering, ease of everything, really. So, to cater to the needs and desires of your customers, it only makes sense to implement solutions that make the customer experience easier and more enjoyable.


When someone ventures into your establishment, they’re typically looking for something, and if they can’t readily find it, frustration ensues, potentially taking a paying customer off the table. At Express Image Digital, we solve this issue for our clients by providing comprehensive digital wayfinding solutions, complete with mobile app integration. Curious about how interactive wayfinding can improve your business? Take a look.


It’s User-Friendly and Self-Service

Interactive wayfinding improves your guest experience via it’s simple, responsive, and user-friendly design. In today’s digital world, ease of use and efficiency are paramount when it comes to satisfying your customers, which makes interactive wayfinding the perfect solution.


Today’s consumers are accustomed to searching for digital information with just the touch of a screen. Interactive wayfinding fits perfectly with the modern trend toward self-navigation and service. Wayfinding technology also conveys your business’s commitment to staying ahead of current technology trends—an important first impression for new patrons or visitors.


It’s Aesthetic

What’s more visually appealing: a table of brochures and pamphlets or an interactive, self-contained console? It’s safe to say the latter wins out. Interactive wayfinding conveys an immediate impression about your establishment and your commitment to organization and consumer-friendly practices. Visually appealing design is an important component of any business’s success—and digital wayfinding fits the bill perfectly. Imagery and color scheme selection further reinforce your brand, allowing you to clearly communicate your company’s messaging without the clutter.


It’s Custom-Designed and Easily Modified

Need to switch out a design? Perhaps integrate new signage? Or how about add a new floor plan to your directory? Adding new information to your interactive wayfinding solution is far simpler and more cost-effective than printing out hundreds, perhaps thousands, of new brochures, maps, posters, or flyers. Because our digital wayfinding solutions feature comprehensive content management systems, altering your display is as easy as updating the information in your database.


It Eliminates Confusion

If you’ve ever lost your grandmother in a massive retail establishment, you know the panic and confusion that can ensue. Interactive wayfinding helps eliminate confusion for your patrons by detailing an easy-to-follow map throughout your establishment. Essentially, this technology is like having your very own Google Maps—but for the interior of any facility. Rather than aimlessly wandering, your patrons can make a beeline straight for their intended destination. And with mobile app integration, finding the correct route becomes even more simple. Even your grandmother can navigate a smartphone app—but you may need to give her a rundown first.


It’s Comprehensive

Interactive wayfinding can present a vast collection of information on a single screen. From facility mapping to social media posts, current weather to traffic information, you make the call. Your screen can double as digital signage, a check-in screen, a menu, news updates—virtually any information you’d like to display can be integrated. Perhaps the best part? The system collects user information, such as searches and clicks, which allows you to custom tailor your design and display.


Interactive Wayfinding Solutions From Express Image Digital

If you’re considering digital wayfinding for your business, Express Image Digital in Little Canada, MN is your comprehensive source for wayfinding solutions. From software and app development to hardware recommendations and procurement, we provide all-in-one solutions for tech-forward business owners. We specialize in custom wayfinding solutions across a variety of industries, including hospitals, stadiums, airports, retail establishments, and more. For more information about our services, give us a call at 651-237-6577, or you can request a free demo here.