Interactive Digital Wayfinding is a highly effective tool for increasing customer engagement and boosting company revenue—but only when it’s designed correctly. When designed poorly, digital signage can obscure brand messaging, confuse customers, and, ultimately, send users packing. If your organization is implementing digital wayfinding, Express Image Digital details five design mistakes to avoid to achieve digital signage success.


Inappropriate Placement

What’s the point of a wayfinding solution if it’s placement doesn’t facilitate wayfinding? You should always implement interactive digital signage PRIOR to decision points. To place signage effectively, you must first locate where users are most likely to make critical directional decisions within your establishment. Because wayfinding solutions help prompt user choice, signage must be highly visible and located well in advance of each decision point. Unoptimized placement often results in customer confusion and frustration, which won’t promote repeat business.


Information Overload

Too much text information, wild color schemes, and excessive media will undoubtedly obscure your intended message. While wayfinding signage is meant to engage customers and prompt interaction, it must do so in a way that doesn’t overstimulate and ultimately disengage the user.


Imagine how you feel when you open a browser window and what seems like 20 different popups bombard your screen—it’s annoying, right? So what do you do? You click off that page. That’s exactly how users feel when they’re bombarded with too much information. Keep your design crisp and clean to make the user experience as effortless as possible.


Poor Accessibility

It’s important to keep ADA guidelines in mind when designing interactive wayfinding solutions. If you’ve included touchable components, their placement must be accessible to everyone. Either place those features at the bottom of the screen or duplicate them in an ADA menu.


Other disabilities, such as color blindness, should also be considered in signage design. Experienced UX designers—like our team at Express Image Digital—can make the appropriate design and color scheme recommendations, which will accommodate all users.  


Poor User Design

User experience design is the heart and soul of any successful wayfinding solution. If you’re not considering the end-user when designing interactive wayfinding signage, you’re missing the point entirely. Digital signage isn’t meant to simply sit still and look fancy; it’s meant to provide additional value to the user through interaction, engagement, and ease of use.


Considering the end-user means anticipating how they’re likely to interact with the software. What type of content are they most likely to gravitate toward? Will they use touchscreens? Will they find text-to-phone navigation useful? Research, ongoing tracking, and continual adjustments are necessary to create an intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging design.  


Unappealing and Ineffective Visuals

Just as you can run the risk of creating content that’s overly stimulating, you can also create content that’s wholly underwhelming. To avoid user boredom and disengagement, you must strike a perfect balance between visual appeal, message clarity, and functionality.


In some cases, simplicity works; in other cases, it falls flat. A super simple design can absolutely communicate your message, but it doesn’t engage users in the process. To raise brand awareness, create a memorable experience, and foster customer loyalty, digital signage should:


●        Contain unique content

●        Display eye-catching visuals

●        Feature authentic brand messaging

●        Visually prompt user engagement


The human brain processes visual information up to 60,000 times more effectively than it processes plain text—keep that in mind when designing your digital signage.


Digital Wayfinding Solutions from Express Image Digital

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