Are your employees engaged? Are they productive? Does your office provide the tools and resources necessary for employees to do their best work? If you’re looking for ways to enhance your company culture, improve efficiency, and boost employee productivity (what business isn’t?), digital office wayfinding is a valuable solution. At Express Image Digital, we know that informed, engaged, and connected employees outperform their peers. We also know that implementing the right technology within your corporate setting is key to fostering a productive work environment. How does interactive wayfinding encourage that atmosphere? Let’s take a look.  


Improve Time Usage in the Workplace

In business, time is money—so how are your employees using their time? According to several office productivity studies, out of an eight-hour workday, the average employee spends a mere 4 hours on productive tasks. Shocking, no? Wasted time occurs for a variety of reasons, but digital office wayfinding can help your company reclaim those hours long consumed by inefficient communication and inadequate organization.  


When you implement digital office wayfinding, you give employees easy access to the tools they require to get the most out of their workday. Digital signage can help employees make better use of their time by:


●        Providing up-to-date, accurate directions to offices, meetings, departments, and open workspaces for office hoteling

●        Allowing easy access to colleagues’ contact information

●        Improving employee collaboration through connected workspaces

●        Providing rapid system-wide updates across various software platforms

●        Communicating company announcements, events, alerts, and feedback 


When company-wide information is contained and updated within a one-stop hub, employees waste less time gathering the tools and data they require to perform their best work. In the modern office, informed, engaged, and connected employees are the key.


Lessen Confusion with Uncomplicated Updates

In the modern corporate campus, static signage can be a major pain to update. Directories to dozens of offices and meeting rooms across multiple floors often require near-constant alterations to keep traffic flowing smoothly through the facility. And, when employees have the freedom to reserve and work from any open workspace—also known as hoteling—information concerning open desks requires frequent updating, too. Unfortunately, though, because static signage updates require significant time, they often fall into neglect. What do neglected building directories create? Confusion.


All too often, visitors or employees locate a destination via static signage, arrive at the destination, and find only a vacant room. Digital office wayfinding can change that. One of the technology’s many perks is rapid, system-wide updating. Need to update an office name or change a meeting to a different floor? You can quickly access your digital building directory, make the appropriate changes, and the system immediately updates across all devices. And, when integrated with a customized mobile app, digital office wayfinding allows you the convenience of accessing all of this information from the palm of your hand (a.k.a. your smart phone).


Foster Employee Engagement

Researchers at Cornell University discovered that businesses that allowed employees autonomy in deciding where and how to work—referred to as hoteling—not only reported improved employee engagement, but they also grew four times faster than their more controlling counterparts.


Increasingly, modern office culture and design lend support to this notion via the growing implementation of open office design and more flexible workspaces. Because engaged employees are inevitably more productive, the trend toward flexibility is only likely to grow.


Without well-defined desks or even assigned seating areas, though, office spaces may be subject to lost productivity while employees seek out safe and comfortable spaces from which to work. Time spent wandering is time lost toward more important tasks, so for the modern office, a modern solution is key.


Interactive digital wayfinding kiosks offer a unique solution for boosting both employee productivity and engagement by allowing facility-wide communication. With digital wayfinding, employees can quickly locate unoccupied workspaces for hoteling with just a touch of the screen. Interactive mapping integrates real-time updates, so employees can easily navigate to their chosen locations and zero in on the day’s most pressing tasks.


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