Once upon a time, interactive digital signage was a far-fetched, futuristic fantasy. Today, however, the technology borders on necessity—especially if you’re a facility owner intent on delivering memorable, meaningful user experiences. At Express Image Digital, we’ve helped a wide variety of consumer-focused facilities implement revenue-driving interactive digital signage. We’ve witnessed the significant impact our systems can deliver, and today, we’re here to bust a few of the most common objections and myths surrounding this ever-advancing technology. 


Consumer-Grade Displays Save You Money

In the long run, consumer-grade displays simply aren’t cost effective because they’re not intended for intensive, long-term use. Typically, consumer screens are designed for approximately 8-10 hours of continuous operation, but in the majority of facilities, digital signage performs for far longer durations.


Moreover, consumer-grade hardware typically features a relatively short warranty period, usually one to two years, at most. Commercial-grade displays, on the other hand, offer far longer warranty durations due to the extensive use the product is bound to endure. Unless you love the idea of replacing screen after burnt-out screen, commercial-grade displays are absolutely worth the investment over time. 


The Technology “Isn’t There Yet”

We’ll clear this one up immediately: The technology is definitely THERE. Would the Mall of America®—the largest retail venue in the U.S.— implement our digital solutions to enhance visitor experience if the technology wasn’t “there” yet? Doubtful is an understatement.


When the iPhone hit the market, did its now-primitive technology stop consumers from buying, using, and enjoying it? Nope. Or, when television debuted—in all its monochromatic glory—did consumers avert their eyes, holding out for a rainbow-hued display? Absolutely not. 


Digital signage and interactive wayfinding technology is already mature. Of course, for any tech-based system, there will always be upgrades and additions. Currently, however, we have all the software and hardware functionality required to design, create, and implement impressive, functional, and aesthetic digital displays. Energy-efficient LED backlighting, HD displays, 4K resolution, robust operating systems, mobile integration—name your desired features, and nine times out of ten, they’re more than possible.


Content Management is Complicated and Time Consuming

How easy is it to create a playlist on your mobile phone? Creating and managing content for your digital wayfinding system is just as simple. At Express Image Digital, we custom-design our intuitive content management system to fit your business’s unique needs.


Our fully integrable system makes content updates rapid and painless, and we provide comprehensive guidance on how to use it. Because our content management software takes care of the heavy lifting for you, if you can write an email, you can master content updates in mere minutes.


Experience Cutting-Edge Digital Wayfinding Solutions from Express Image Digital

Looking for ways to enhance your facility and improve your visitor experience? Our team at Express Image Digital is here to serve you. Whether you’re hoping to improve your facility navigation, keep visitors up-to-date on important information, or gather actionable insights about your customer base, interactive digital wayfinding can help you do it. To learn more about how our cutting-edge technology can improve your business, contact our team at 651-237-5677. Ready to see our systems in action? Schedule your demo today!