Imagine—you’re driving down the freeway, and you see three billboards up ahead. The first two billboards are static, old school, blasé; you pass by with nary a second glance. The second billboard? It’s massive, colorful, digital, enticing, and it moves. You pay attention to this one, craning your neck to catch every last word on the display—why? Design, design, design.


At Express Image Digital, we believe a digital wayfinding system’s design is just as critical as its functionality. As an end-to-end solutions provider, we’ve implemented extensive digital wayfinding solutions in a variety of large-scale facilities throughout the U.S., and no matter the industry, aesthetic, modern, functional design is key. If you’re considering a digital wayfinding solution for your facility, heed these design tips for success:


Consider the Available Space

Because efficient navigation is a primary goal of any digital wayfinding setup, the size and layout of your available space are essential considerations when selecting your display’s design. While grand, eye-catching displays might provoke more passersby attention, they’re not appropriate or feasible in every setting. When selecting your hardware design and size, you must factor in the existing structure of your space and consider how your digital wayfinding setup design will complement the functionality of the space.


With interactive screens, the idea is to enhance the existing spatial design. Select an eye-catching hardware setup that will command enough attention so that visitors gravitate toward it, but not so much that the display is the sole focus of the space.


Size Matters in Digital Wayfinding

Every piece of digital signage and each digital wayfinding kiosk within your space must have a clear objective. Whether that objective is to push promotions, deliver important information, or help visitors find their way, the size of the display should always reflect the goals of the installation.


Massive digital screens, such as the flight displays found in airports, command attention—and appropriately so. With a flight display, the objective is clear: help fliers find their gates and get to their flights on time. So, naturally, information must be presented in a manner that’s impossible to ignore. On the flip side, in a high-end shopping center, a massive display isn’t just unnecessary; it detracts from the overall feel of the space. Choose your screen size carefully based on the information you play to convey.


Hardware Appearance and Functionality

All commercial-grade displays are not created equal. When selecting your design, a variety of factors play into how your audience responds to the system and how well the hardware caters to user preference. Important considerations include:


●        LCD, LED, or OLED display

●        Shape, thickness, and bezel width

●        Processing capabilities and inputs

●        Brightness, contrast ratio, resolution, and usable viewing angle

●        Display control and image appearance

●        Hardware reliability and energy efficiency


Not one for technical specifications and jargon? Choosing the perfect digital wayfinding or signage design for your space doesn’t have to feel like rocket science—not when you partner with design-savvy, end-to-end solutions provider like our team at Express Image Digital. Cutting-edge, functional, user-centric digital wayfinding design is our specialty, and our work speaks for itself, in terms of both aesthetics and ROI.


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