It’s 2020—if you’re building a new development, technology can no longer be an afterthought. Smart buildings start with smart technology, and in today’s digital landscape, digital wayfinding software helps you start smart. At Express Image Digital, our goal is to help you integrate technology to maximize efficiency, productivity, user interaction, operations, and perhaps most importantly, revenue. Below, we’re outlining how our digital wayfinding solutions help your building get smart from the start.


Interactive Digital Wayfinding & Location Data

When construction finishes and the building becomes occupiable, having digital, interactive mapping already in place allows businesses to gather data from the outset. By gathering spatial data from the beginning rather than retrofitting the facility years down the road, facility managers can:


●        More effectively plan security operations

●        Determine lease rates based on foot traffic

●        Implement digital signage and advertisements in the most appropriate locations

●        Issue area permissions in real time

●        Use digital mapping to support the goals of various businesses within the facility


Essentially, digital wayfinding technology gives building managers unprecedented control over facility operations from one convenient hub. By collecting data from the outset, managers are armed with the information they need to better serve their building’s occupants, improve operational efficiency, and boost overall revenue. 


Data Collection & Analytics

In any business, decisions are driven by data. But often, collecting, analyzing, and integrating that data can prove messy. Multiple separate platforms and management systems can make gathering and analyzing data a time-consuming endeavor, but digital wayfinding helps change that.


Due to its technology-agnostic nature, customized digital wayfinding software is integrable with a variety of platforms and provides extensive user data via one contained system. This feature is especially attractive to business owners looking to lease space, but also to design and architectural research firms that specialize in smart, user-centric building construction. There are also options to analyze visitor demographics including age and gender coupled with guest movement within the development. By gathering data about how people use and interact with the space, future projects can tailor their design to more effectively enhance the user experience.


Should Your Building Implement Digital Wayfinding Technology? Contact Express Image Digital

At Express Image Digital, we help facility owners enhance user experiences and boost bottom lines through custom, interactive digital wayfinding solutions. As a full-service solutions provider, we specialize in all aspects of digital wayfinding design and implementation, including software development, app development, hardware procurement, content management, and much more.


To learn more about how we can help your building start smart with digital wayfinding technology, give our team a call at 651-237-5677 or connect with us online, and we’ll be in touch. Curious about what our systems can do? Feel free to request your demo online!