As technology continues to advance, we have seen more technological solutions become available because of their efficiency and ease of use. As a business of any kind, you likely already use a customer relationship management system to store and organize leads and other pertinent information. However, converting all of this information is difficult and hard to distribute efficiently across various systems. New systems are designed to be compatible with old systems, so companies, like yours, don’t have to completely overhaul the technology and systems they’ve already invested in. These new systems are hybrid CRM systems, which use a cloud-based system to integrate your current data with new developments. Our experts at Express Image Digital use hybrid CRM systems to streamline and enhance your business model. So, why is a hybrid CRM your best option right now?

How Does the CRM Hybrid Help You?

As a large-scale business or facility, like a mall, college campus, or healthcare facility, you’re constantly looking for innovations to set your organization apart. By utilizing technology, like wayfinding, digital signage, and interactive features, you can improve your user and customer experience and give your employees more time to work on other projects, which enhance the overall operation of your business. When you invest in wayfinding systems, you’re investing in navigation and ease of use. If you have traditional static navigation, you likely spend a great deal of money and time updating those signs. However, if you have all the data you need to be stored in a system that you update when needed, you can digitize it using a hybrid CRM.


For instance, if you invest in a digital wayfinding system, you can convert all your data to be simultaneously broadcast across the kiosks in your facility. No matter if they’re indoor or outdoor kiosks, you will have a content management system to go with your CRM. With this, you can change details as soon as possible, and it’s reflected across all your databases. A hybrid CRM is a great option for your digital wayfinding system, as well as your business as a whole.

Combine Security With Accessibility

Not only will a hybrid CRM system provide more accessibility and ease for your customers and employees, but it’s also secure. Hybrid CRMs are designed to protect your company’s information to keep it safe so you can operate with ease. Instead of transferring information over piece-by-piece and risking information not being properly transferred or breached, a hybrid CRM makes it easy to safely and efficiently transfer, update, and change your information whenever you need to. Contact us today to learn more.

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