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The prevalence of digital signage in a metropolis

October 10, 2016

5 Tips To Consider When Selecting Your Digital Signage Software Solution

INTRODUCTION: Digital signage software and solutions provide a great customer-centric experience through the ability to provide customer information, gather data about customers, learn from this data, and then use it to interact with them more strategically. The digital signage industry is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $23.76 billion by 2020, at a compound annual growth rate of 8.18% between 2015 and 2020, according to the Markets and Markets Research: Digital Signage Market worth $23...

beacons allow this shopper to get exclusive in-store deals on her mobile device

August 4, 2016

Beacons Benefit Your Customers (and You)

At Express Image, we feel great content is meant to be shared! Below are a few highlights from the article, Beacon data predicts store visits, supporting timely offers, written by Chantal Tode and posted in Luxury Daily on May 11, 2016. Beacons deliver beyond in-store promotions Beacons predict when a shopper is most likely to visit a store so an offer can be sent in advance, resulting in a verified sales lift...

Map of The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes

August 4, 2016

Interactive Wayfinding Benefits Your Customers (and You)

Today’s consumers follow whatever path they want and expect you to communicate with them and anticipate their wants and needs. Although printed wayfinding has been around for a long time, more and more businesses are moving to interactive digital wayfinding which offers a wide variety of benefits and actually enhances the use of traditional printed wayfinding. Benefits of Interactive Wayfinding Self-service – Interactive wayfinding provides immediate information at the user’s fingertips and reduces the requirement for staff to assist in directing visitors to their desired location...

Digital posters marketing fashionable trends

August 4, 2016

Print vs. Digital Signage Art Prep

PREPARING ART FOR PRINT DIFFERS FROM DIGITAL MEDIA Have you ever wondered why printed images compared to digital signage reproduction can vary significantly? Content for print media is different in many ways than content for digital digital signage. Also, content that is displayed on an outdoor LED sign is different than images and content that is displayed on an indoor digital sign. It is important for creatives, marketing and content developers to know how to handle these differences so they can provide the ultimate product resolution...