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3 ways to increase guests time on site

The more time someone spends at your destination, the higher the chance of a conversion. Whether it’s purchasing something from a tenant or a happy patient is checked in and out seamlessly. It’s an obvious analytic that can be tracked very easily.

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Why is the First step the most important step

Your guest knows what they want and you know how to get them there. But what if they don’t have a plan, what if they’re at your destination to explore, purchase something and find new stuff.

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Optimizing Your Ad Display Based on Wayfinding Routes

A major benefit of digital wayfinding is the ability to collect data on customer demographics and store popularity. In this blog, the experts at Express Image Digital talk about how to leverage wayfinding data to optimize your ad display.

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How Wayfinding Can Enhance Company Culture

Wayfinding is known for enhancing guest experience, but did you know it also plays a role in employee engagement too? Click to learn how wayfinding can enhance your company culture.

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How to Measure ROI of Digital Wayfinding Technology

Understanding the return on investment (ROI) of digital wayfinding technology is critical to its growth. However, calculating it can be complicated. If you’re looking for a way to prove ROI before investing in a digital wayfinding solution, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Benefits of Digital Wayfinding for Healthcare Facilities

Want to learn how digital wayfinding can alleviate frustrations and provide a less stressful environment in hospitals? The experts at Express Image Digital explain the top benefits of digital wayfinding for healthcare facilities.

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Preparing the airport for the digital age

The post-digital era: those who would have grown up interacting with technology to manage their lives. These are the Millenials, the gen y’s, the kids you see playing with iPads at the grocery store.

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3 Things to consider before installing Digital Signage.

Are you thinking about a large scale digital signage installation? How about a couple of displays in the store for the latest promotions? Here are three things to consider before approaching a solution, and investment like this.

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