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Wayfinding Design: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Express Image Digital explains common mistakes in digital wayfinding design and how your organization can avoid them.

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Should Your Campus Implement Wayfinding Technology?

Digital wayfinding can enhance the student and visitor experience on any college campus. Express Image Digital explains how.

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Employee Highlight: Merne

At express image, digital everyone has a role. In these micro-series, we’re going to touch on every team member and how they bring quality and expertise to the express image digital solution! Today we’re introducing Merne! A relatively new face around Express Image Digitals semi-modern, open-spaced, office. Merne is our senior front end developer!   Where are you from Merne? Born and raised in northern Wisconsin, near Eau Claire. I Trained in Musical Theatre in NYC. I came back to get my bachelor’s degree and a real career.  What do you specialize in at Express Image digital? I turn designs into reality with efficient, performant solutions. I’m a Senior Front-End Developer with over 10 years of experience in website and application development and have a Bachelor's Degree in Web Design and Interactive Media from the Art Institutes International Minnesota.   What are your prior experiences? I have 10 years of experience in frontend development a ...

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How Digital Wayfinding Improves Accessibility for Your Foreign Customers

Overcome customer language barriers with interactive digital wayfinding technology. Express Image Digital explains how.

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Driving Additional ROI from your Digital Wayfinding Solution

Understanding how people move around and interact with your venue is invaluable information for organizations with large physical spaces.

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Digital Wayfinding: Tips and Tricks for an Optimized Experience

Drive customer engagement and business results with interactive digital wayfinding solutions. Express Image Digital explains tips and tricks for optimizing the experience.

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Can Digital Wayfinding Increase Your Business Profits?

Express Image Digital explains how interactive wayfinding technology can build customer loyalty and boost business revenue.

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