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What is Digital Wayfinding?

Just like GPS is changing the way we navigate the roads, digital wayfinding is changing the way we navigate large buildings and campuses. So what exactly is digital wayfinding? Click to learn all about digital wayfinding and its applications.

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Meet Express Image Digital: Your Digital Wayfinding Partner

If you’re looking for a digital wayfinding provider, get to know Express Image Digital. We are consultants who help companies deliver meaningful guest experiences through a variety of innovative digital solutions. Click to read why you should work with our team.

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Is Wayfinding ‘Nice to Have’ or a Required Guest Amenity?

Do you think today’s consumers expect wayfinding or that it’s just nice to have? Click to learn what experts have to say about whether offering a wayfinding solution in your facility is optional.

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How to Choose a Digital Wayfinding Solution

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a digital wayfinding solution for your facility. Click to read about some things you’ll want to consider before getting started, as well as several features that can help deliver a great ROI.

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3 Reasons to Select a Single-Source Provider for Digital Solutions

In the market for a digital solutions, such as wayfinding, signage, or a mobile app? Selecting a single provider to deliver all of your digital solutions offers many advantages. Click to read our top three reasons why you should work with a company like Express Image Digital.

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