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Revenue-Boosting Tech Options: Why Choose Digital Wayfinding?

Why choose digital wayfinding technology to grow your business? The experts at Express Image Digital explain the advantages of interactive digital signage. 

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Finding Your Team: Should Your Office Implement Wayfinding?

Are you looking to improve your office productivity? Learn how interactive digital wayfinding encourages an engaged, productive workplace from the experts at Express Image Digital.

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Digital Wayfinding: A Must-Have for Outdoor Retail Navigation

How can digital wayfinding improve outdoor navigation and guest experience? Learn the benefits of interactive signage from the experts at Express Image Digital.

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Personalizing your way-finding

Even the most mass-produced block style architecture housing complexes, you know the ones, grey, imposing, boring, are unique on the inside. It could be different layouts, tenants, activities and so on. But even if they’re grey and cold on the outside, the tenants inside can personalize and make the place feel like home. Why would you want your destination to have anything but a custom wayfinding solution? You’d want it to be just like your home, changeable and personalized to your destination’s end goal. No other home is like home.   Benefits of custom wayfinding- If you’re sending people from A to B, you’re going to want to get them there efficiently and probably past your latest promotion or event. With a customized wayfinding solution like the one offered by Express Image Digital and Mappedin at Saks on Fifth Avenue, you’re able to take the bones of a map and layer on your own routes and guides. This is not only efficient but also highly customizable. Having mainte ...

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Digital Wayfinding and Time Efficiency: Increase Profits by Decreasing Stress

Digital wayfinding technology boosts profits by saving time. Learn how this interactive software can transform your business from the experts at Express Image Digital.

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Reaching guests on their preferred channel

Omnichannel solutions offer are the first step in customer trust-building.

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Express Image Digital and Mapped in at the NRF BIG SHOW 2020!

NRF or the National Retail Federation hosts one of the biggest retail shows of the year, lovingly called NRF’s *big show*. This year’s event is being held in New York on 1/14/2020 and will feature an amazing list of speakers, technology, and attendees. Express Image digital will be displaying our work at two booths this year, one at MAPPEDIN, and the other with TDXtech.These two partners have been a great asset for Express Image Digital and we’re excited to have a chance to work with them on displaying our technology and products together. Visit our partners at booths 1137 and 410.  Express Image Digital recently worked with Mappedin on a customer-facing digital wayfinding kiosk for Saks On Fifth Avenue. This interactive system was critical for showcasing the destinations 10, yes I said ten floors of clothing and designers. From the outside the destination appears to only have 3 floors, confusing many customers.  From specific designers to the types of clothing guests are looking ...

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