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Express Voice: Touchless Digital Wayfinding Control

Voice command technology offers facilities the ability to strengthen safety strategies for managing social interactions and physical distancing. Learn about the unique benefits of Express VOICE from Express Image Digital. 

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Post-Pandemic Retail: How Digital Wayfinding Delivers Safety & Convenience

Concerns about virus transmission have left many consumers worried for their safety in retail environments. Learn how Express Image Digital’s wayfinding solutions provide peace of mind and convenience for shoppers.

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Digital Wayfinding & Signage: Essential Technology in a Post Pandemic World

Public health concerns, coupled with social distancing requirements, have dramatically shifted the way consumers interact with businesses. Learn why digital signage and wayfinding technology play indispensable roles in the new normal.

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3 Ways Digital Wayfinding & Signage Improve the Patient Experience

Express Image Digital discusses how digital wayfinding technology and signage improve the healthcare experience for both patients and providers.

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