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How Hospital Owners Are Approaching Digital Wayfinding Strategies

Digital wayfinding technologies are rapidly evolving to adapt to the needs of hospital facilities all around the world. Here are what a few hospital owners are saying about how different digital wayfinding strategies are improving the accessibility of healthcare facilities.

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What are Some Top Considerations Around Implementing Wayfinding Solutions?

Much of why business owners are hesitant to invest in wayfinding solutions is due to a general lack of awareness about the subject. Let’s debunk four myths regarding the implementation of digital wayfinding software and services.

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The Cost of Patients Getting Lost in Hospitals

Every year, inefficient hospital wayfinding design costs hospitals thousands of dollars. Take a look at some of the examples of how much poor wayfinding strategies can cost hospitals in the long run.

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How Does Digital Wayfinding Reduce Stress Levels?

Stress levels play a significant role in evaluating patient experience and workplace efficiency within hospitals. Take a look at how proficient digital wayfinding solutions can help potentially reduce stress levels within hospital settings.

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