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The Steep Cost of Inefficient Healthcare Wayfinding

Inefficient hospital wayfinding costs large-scale healthcare facilities a tidy sum each year. Click to learn about the steep costs of poor hospital wayfinding and how interactive wayfinding signage systems help minimize those costs.

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Tips for Implementing Effective Digital Wayfinding in Healthcare Facilities

Effective hospital wayfinding boosts patient satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. Click to learn tips for implementing effective digital wayfinding solutions in healthcare facilities.

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How Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks Are Shaping a Better Patient Check-In Experience

Digital signage and interactive wayfinding improve the healthcare experience for patients and providers. Express Image Digital explains how.

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Hospital Navigation: How Digital Wayfinding Solves Existing Challenges

Large healthcare facilities present a number of navigational issues for visitors. Click to learn how digital wayfinding helps solve some of the most common challenges of traditional healthcare wayfinding. 

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