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The Future of Wayfinding Software for Healthcare Facilities

While digital wayfinding software has become a more popular trend in many healthcare facilities across the world, what the future holds for more intricate, customized, and creative wayfinding technologies is both exciting and seemingly limitless.

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How Wayfinding Signage Can Improve Children’s Hospitals

While digital wayfinding continues to grow in popularity with healthcare facilities, more children’s hospitals are starting to implement wayfinding signage systems to enhance overall patient experience. Take a look at a few examples of how prominent children’s hospitals took advantage of proficient wayfinding signage solutions.

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Digital Signage Design Tips for Your Healthcare Facility

Effective digital signage campaigns require more than informative content and efficient placement. Learn more about how creative design and format influences patient engagement with your hospital digital signage.

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Content Suggestions for Interactive Hospital Digital Signage

Interactive digital signage presents dozens of opportunities to increase engagement and patient satisfaction within your healthcare facility. Learn more about how the content of your digital signage can positively impact your hospital’s overall customer service.

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