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Rethinking Healthcare Wayfinding Strategies in a Post-COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever altered the way hospitals approach their digital wayfinding strategies. Take a look at how the healthcare industry has started to rethink their wayfinding design process in a post-COVID world.

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How Mobile Healthcare Apps Are Combatting Staffing Shortages

With so many hospitals today dealing with extreme staffing shortages, mobile healthcare apps are providing effective solutions for reducing employee workloads and improving patient experiences. Check out how mobile healthcare app development is helping combat hospital staffing shortages.

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5 Ways Hospital Kiosks Can Enhance the Patient Experience

In today’s world, catering to patient needs is a top priority for every healthcare facility. Check out these five ways interactive hospital kiosks are specifically engineered to enhance the patient experience.

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4 Digital Signage Design Tips to Attract More Mall Customers

Successful digital signage displays start with creative and innovative design work. Here are four digital signage design tips guaranteed to help your store attract more mall customers.

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