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How to Incorporate QR Codes With Your Digital Signage

QR codes are one of the most popular ways to implement branded content management into your digital signage system. Here are some tips as to how to incorporate QR codes into your digital signage content.

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How Digital Signage Can Improve Inclusion in Your Workplace

From wheelchair accessibility to managing content for visually or hearing impaired customers, here’s how your business can utilize digital signage to improve inclusion in your workplace.

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6 Ways Interactive Digital Signage Improves the Patient Experience

Interactive digital wayfinding and signage offer healthcare facilities numerous opportunities for improving the patient experience. Click to learn how patients can benefit from interactive digital solutions.

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How Does Wayfinding Produce an ROI?

You’ve got plans, BIG plans, plans to invest a lot of money into a system. You’re going to want to see some kind of return on that system, right?

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