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Mall of America

Wayfinding Solution

40 million annual visitors

Mall of America needed a solution to help 40 million annual guests easily navigate their way throughout the 4.2 million sq. ft. mall. The solution needed to include intuitive wayfinding that would be easy to understand for its guests but also accommodate international guests that visit MOA on a daily basis.

Express Image Digital listened, and co-developed with Mall of America executives, an interactive digital wayfinding solution with full-motion graphics, intelligent mapping, and over 200k search terms. The 22” interactive displays accommodate the millions of world-wide guests with 22 different language options. In order to make sure guests make it to their desired location, a text-to-phone feature with step by step directions and animated mapping can be sent to mobile devices. The previous solution’s average “dwell time” of 3-4 minutes was reduced to 30 seconds with the intuitive design of the interactive digital wayfinding solution.

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